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Racism: The One Question America Must Ask

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The seminal question that must be asked in our America is: who gets to decide what racism is?

I have no issue with calling out anyone when it comes to a racist comment, or action. However, what I cannot stomach is when this thing called racism is used as a partisan political hammer. For eight long years we had to endure the insidious accusations of racism if you disagreed with the policies of Barack Obama. Of course, if you were black and disagreed, then you were labeled as “not really black.” Why is it that anytime the progressive, socialist, left wants to hammer whites they revert back to their ideological agenda definition of racism?

Just yesterday we had an example of such, very much so resembling Peter’s denial of knowing Jesus, which causes me to ask, who decides what is racism in America?

As reported at CNS News:

“On Wednesday, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson thrice denied knowledge of his company’s donations to the largest abortion provider in the U.S., Planned Parenthood. In an interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo, Johnson was asked about the company’s financial support of Planned Parenthood in light of objects raised by Aveda King:

Bartiromo: “I don’t know if you saw Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece op-ed in the Washington Examiner. And she said, ‘If Starbucks wants to end racism it will stop funding Planned Parenthood.’ Are you going to stop funding Planned Parenthood?”

Johnson: “Well I am not aware that we, we do fund Planned Parenthood. So. I haven’t read the op-ed and I can’t comment on that.”

Bartiromo: “OK.”

Johnson: “But, I am not aware that we do that.”

Bartiromo: “Well, Alveda King says ‘Starbucks had racism in its corporate identity long before the April arrest [of two black men who refused to leave a store]. Through its corporate donations, it contributes to one of the most racist organizations in our nation’s history Planned Parenthood, the largest signing provider of abortions in the United States.’ And again, this is from Alveda King in the Washington Examiner.”

Johnson: “Well, I am not aware of it.”

All that was missing was the rooster crowing to complete this episode of denial. It did not take very long for the absurd denials of Mr. Johnson to be exposed.

But, as NewsBusters reports:

“Starbucks’ support of Planned Parenthood is an established fact:

(It) matches gifts to Planned Parenthood.

… (It) matches gifts to Susan G. Komen NYC and MN chapters, which fund Planned Parenthood.”

Likewise, The Daily Signal has previously reported on Starbucks’ donations to Planned Parenthood.

In addition to the op-ed, a letter signed by Alveda King, ForAmerica President L. Brent Bozell, Richard Viguerie, chairman of, and many other pro-life leaders was sent to Starbucks on Monday, noting how Planned Parenthood’s racist, genocidal legacy conflicts with the coffee shop’s claim its “founding values are based on humanity and inclusion:”

“Where is the ‘humanity’ and ‘inclusion’ when your company matches employees’ donations to Planned Parenthood, whose founder Margaret Sanger was an outspoken racist with genocidal intentions?”

If Starbucks actually wants to reject racist business practices, the letter says, it should stop funding an organization that terminates the lives of minorities:

“If Starbucks wants to own the corporate mantle of ending racist business practices, then we challenge you to stop funding Planned Parenthood’s House of Horrors which has taken precious lives away from minority communities; and from society at large.”

Aw man, I hate it when that happens.

I have been saying this for quite some time: why does our government give taxpayer funds to an organization founded by a white supremacist; a woman who spoke at Ku Klux Klan rallies? Click To Tweet

I have been saying this for quite some time: why does our government give taxpayer funds to an organization founded by a white supremacist, racist, a woman who spoke at Ku Klux Klan rallies? Margaret Sanger referred to blacks as “weeds,” and “undesirables.” Can someone — anyone — explain to me why she is not classified as a racist? And, well, excuse me, but David Hogg, and the anti-gun, manipulated, young people who chant about how many kids the NRA killed today? The answer is none.

But, I can tell you this: between 17-19 million unborn black babies have been murdered in the womb since 1973. You wanna tell me that’s not racist? You want to tell me that’s not genocide? You want to tell me that has something to do with women’s reproductive health?

I want to know: who defines what is racist in America? To me, an organization founded by a white supremacist, and racist; one that has more than half of its “facilities” in minority communities, is the pure and undefiled definition of racism.

Roseanne made a rather unfunny, tasteless twitter post, for which she has seriously apologized. But, did we ever hear Margaret Sanger ask for forgiveness, or apologize for her well-known comments? When has anyone called Planned Parenthood on the carpet for what they do? And, here we have the CEO of Starbucks — and there are many other corporations — try to weasel his way out of corporate contributions to what can only be described as a racist organization.

To me, an organization founded by a white supremacist, and racist; one that has more than half of its 'facilities' in minority communities, is the pure and undefiled definition of racism. Click To Tweet

We recently shared with you the antics of young boy Hogg and his inane “die-in” at Publix grocery stores in South Florida because they contributed to Florida gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam, an NRA member, and supporter. With Starbucks, we have a corporation donating to an organization founded by a racist that truly does have “blood on its hands.” When is the “die-in” happening at Starbucks coffee shops?

I have grown tired of the progressive, socialist, left telling us what is racist, based upon their politics. Sadly, this is why the term has little to no meaning, or relevance, today because the leftists have become the “boy who cried wolf” any and every time they wanted a “get out of jail free card.” Heck, remember when the left pulled the race card on Bill Clinton back when Barack Obama was running for President in 2008?

Look, I want consistency. I deplore blatant hypocrisy. I want Planned Parenthood defunded. Why not, unless you want to tell me providing taxpayer funds to an organization founded by a racist is hunky-dory. Heck, might as well give taxpayer funds to any white supremacist group. I am sick of the left denigrating as “racist” anyone that does not embrace their ideology. An organization that was purposed to kill off “human weeds” and “undesirables” is disgusting. Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson’s support of Planned Parenthood is far more offensive to me than Roseanne’s stupid Twitter post.

Who decides what racism is in America?  It’s the political party responsible for slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, lynchings, poll taxes, literacy tests, decimation of the traditional black family, economic enslavement on their modern-day plantation; the party that did not support the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments.

Unless you are stuck on stupid, you know that party is the Democrat party; the wolves who have been guarding the black community’s hen-house.

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