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A Really Bad Judicial Week for the Left

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Allen West Old School Patriot Up From SlaveryI remember talking with folks before the November 2016 election regarding voting for Donald Trump. As a matter of fact, I spoke the Sunday before at the First Baptist Church of Colleyville. I stressed that we do not know who God had chosen for a time such as this. The Old Testament evidences that God used leaders like Nebuchadnezzar, Cyrus, and Xerxes to safeguard His chosen people. Based upon several recent Supreme Court decisions, we can clearly understand why it was vital that the United States of America not have Hillary Clinton as President.

This week we have been handed down decisions from SCOTUS on the temporary travel halt from countries listed on the terrorist watch list. Of course that sent the progressive socialist left into a mad frenzy. Then we had the SCOTUS rule against the forcible participation of individuals in public unions. And that sent the left into another apoplectic rage. Then doggone, Justice Anthony Kennedy has decided to step down from the Court, eighteen months into President Trump’s first term. Talk about pouring salt into a very open wound, but it doesn’t end there for the leftists in America.

As reported by the Washington Times:

“California can’t force pro-life crisis pregnancy centers to promote abortion as a health care option, the Supreme Court ruled Tuesday, saying the state’s attempt to do so violated the groups’ First Amendment speech rights. The justices, in a 5-4 ruling, said a 2015 state law requiring the centers to post notices about obtaining an abortion, including state assistance in paying for the procedure, amounted to government-coerced speech.

“The people lose when the government is the one deciding which ideas should prevail,” Justice Clarence Thomas wrote for the majority. California argued that the law was needed to educate low-income women with state-funded services. Backers also said they feared women seeking abortions were being duped by the pro-life centers. But the pro-life centers claimed discrimination because of their views. In posting the notices, they said, they were being forced to advocate for a procedure to which they vehemently object. Justice Thomas agreed, saying the law specifically targeted clinics with pro-life beliefs instead of all clinics throughout the state. He said if the goal was merely information, then the state had other options. “California could inform low-income women about its services ‘without burdening a speaker with unwanted speech,’” he wrote. “Most obviously, it could inform the women itself with a public information campaign.” Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, who signed the main opinion, wrote a concurrence saying the law appeared intended to punish those who held pro-life views. “It does appear that viewpoint discrimination is inherent in the design and structure of this act. This law is a paradigmatic example of the serious threat presented when government seeks to impose its own message in the place of individual speech, thought, and expression,” Justice Kennedy wrote. The court’s four liberal-leaning justices dissented, led by Justice Stephen G. Breyer. They said California had a valid interest in requiring that the information be posted.”

Oh boy, another kick in the pants for the progressive socialist left who use mandate and force to implement their ideological agenda. This is why the Supreme Court is vital. If we had Hillary Clinton as president, then we would be looking at a judicial activist court that would not be interpreting the law, but rather imposing an agenda. The goal of the left has been simple to ascertain: control of three institutions in America — schools, courts, and media. With that triumvirate, the progressive socialist left, throughout history, has believed they could advance their ideological agenda, and maintain ideological dominance. If the left cannot win by way of electoral vote, then they will do so by judicial rule.

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The dissent of far left liberal progressive Justice Breyer is nonsensical. How can the State of California make a demand upon pro-life pregnancy centers that they present information on abortion — yet it is not mandated vice-versa? That is the level of sheer absurdity, and ignorance, we are regularly witnessing from the left, and it is essential to have a Supreme Court that rules on the law, rather than advocating for an agenda.

First of all, why are abortions a state-funded service? Heck, why does Planned Parenthood, a private sector, not-for-profit organization, receive some $568.7M of taxpayer funding? Please, someone show me where a pro-life organization receives taxpayer funding? I know that they do not because I have spoken at countless fundraising events for groups like Vitae Foundation, Santa Fe Care Net pregnancy center, Pro-Life Mississippi. They get nothing. Imagine if I were told to speak about support for abortion centers at a pro-life fundraiser? Well, that is basically what California was mandating to organizations that are opposed to abortions used as a means of birth control.

I guess those four dissenting Justices have no problem with murdering babies in the womb? I guess it is okay to dismember babies, and sell their body parts? According to those four Justices, those opposing that practice must be forced to offer that heinous state-funded service.

Yes, this is why we need a President Trump in the White House. Sure, any of us can find disagreements on the issue of personality, or Twitter use, but when it comes to policy, and the Supreme Court, I am glad Donald Trump is in the White House, and not Hillary Clinton.

We need GOP senators to steel their nerves, and not cower to the leftists. They need to confirm a new Supreme Court Justice. There is no correlation with the Merritt Garland issue, which was in a presidential election year, the last year of the second term of Barack Obama.

One thing is for certain: the heads of the progressive socialist leftists are exploding. It’s been a really bad week for them. Then again, when you stand against the rule of law, and our Republic, it is well deserved.