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Red States, Blue States

In Education, Front Page by Allen West

This past weekend our youngest daughter Austen graduated from college at Florida International University. Angela, Aubrey and I were beaming with pride during what was an exceptional commencement ceremony. FIUs President, Dr. Mark Rosenberg, delivered powerful, passionate remarks, and his genuine love for the institution and its students was clearly evident. What was impressive was his recognition of all the student veteran graduates, who wore a special FIU camouflage stole over their robes. I could tell that Dr. Rosenberg understood the duty and mission of an institution of higher learning, to have open discussion and debate about critical issues in order to prepare young people for the challenges ahead. In other words, helping to develop critical thinkers, not drones and robots.

Sadly, here in Texas — the preeminent red state according to many — in our Republic, that is not the case. It appears that the true face of fascism has reared its ugly head here in the Lone Star State, and its flagship university, which is under the shadow of the Texas State Capitol.

As reported by Campus Reform:

“The Autonomous Student Network in Austin, Texas, a group that was previously suspended from Twitter after posting private information belonging to supporters of then-Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh, is now threatening to do the same to incoming University of Texas-Austin freshmen who join conservative student organizations. 

“Hey #UT23! Do you wanna be famous? If you join YCT [Young Conservatives of Texas] or Turning Point USA, you just might be. Your name and more could end up on an article like one of these,” the group tweeted earlier in June, linking to a page on its website, on which it previously posted the private information, including emails and phone numbers, of Kavanaugh supporters.

“So be sure to make smart choices at #UTOrientation,” the group added. A separate tweet read, “the best #LonghornStateOfMind is an antifascist one. If you begin to spot the young racists trying to join YCT or TPUSA, send us a tip so we can keep our reports up to date #UT23. Also, if you’re an antifascist/anarchist/autonomy inclined Longhorn, reach out & let’s link up!”

First of all, someone should explain to these ignorant individuals what fascism actually means. It seems to me that somewhere in their stuck on stupid little brains they have confused the word to mean anyone that ideologically disagrees with their progressive socialist worldview. They fail to recognize that they are indeed the true fascists, using threats, coercion, intimidation, and — as we know — violence to shut down any opposing thoughts, perspectives, and insights.

To think, this is happening right here in Texas, in the state capital city of Austin! We all know that it was just 3-4 weeks ago that the Austin city council passed an ordinance allowing homeless people to erect tents in the city. What city does that remind you of?

But, how did we get to this point? What has allowed these violent “resistance” groups to freely operate in our country? Yes, I welcome free speech and freedom of expression, but this is not that. This is something far more sinister, and dangerous. All of this is happening because we have these college and university campuses replete with radical socialist professors who have attacked, denigrated, demeaned, and disparaged conservative students. They themselves have used the power of their position to threaten students into compliance, silence, or else suffer the fate of poor grades. As well, you have these administrations on these campuses that allow these heinous acts of repression to occur . . . think of Oberlin College. These delusional and deranged adult socialists are encouraging this very behavior and these “useful idiots” are not held accountable whatsoever!

How is it that here, in the United States of America we have these black-clad masked individuals roaming about threatening, intimidating, and committing acts of violence against those who disagree? This crap started on inauguration day January 2017 and has only intensified as there has been no adult in the room forcing this to an end.

We can forget about the Democrat (socialists) doing anything to condemn this abhorrent behavior. But, why is it that these groups have not been declared domestic terrorist groups and shut down? Here we go again, the same old tricks of the Democrat (socialist) Party. The only difference is that this time their thugs are wearing black, instead of white.

Not too long ago I wrote a piece about the Democrat (socialist) Party still burning crosses in yards. That is what this group of jackasses calling itself the Autonomous Student Network is doing. And we always hear the leftists in America talking about bullying, well, what the heck is this?

What happened at Berkeley with the young conservative student getting sucker-punched? What happened in Portland, Oregon to the Asian conservative journalist who was beaten and assaulted by masked individuals? What happened in Seattle, Washington with an Antifa member who used Molotov cocktails and a semi-automatic rifle to assault an ICE facility. Well, he met his due fate.

I, for one, am issuing a warning to these masked domestic terrorists. Y’all had best cut this out because someone is gonna get hurt. To the Democrat (socialist) elected officials, your silence on this matter means consent and compliance, enabling. The parents of these thugs know who they are, and parents, you had best get your little Marxist child under control.

Is there any wonder why the progressive socialist left wants to disarm law-abiding, legal gun owners in America? It’s so we can all just be targets. There is a very distinct, apparent, reason why the Founding Fathers placed the Second Amendment where it is — to back up our First Amendment rights. If these little brown shirt, Mussolini fascist kids — and some adults — do not realize that they are playing a very dangerous game, they soon will.

This is why our US Attorney General, and the Texas Attorney General, should move to shut these groups — and their funding mechanisms — down. One of these little fascists is going to roll up on the wrong person and get dropped. Then, of course, the left will try to demonize the person correctly using their Second Amendment constitutional right to defend themselves. I, for one, do not want this to come to that point, thus the reason we need law enforcement to shut these individuals, organizations, down.

How blatant can this be? How obtuse, belligerent, yet chillingly clear that this group is targeting certain individuals and threatening their freedom of expression. I guess the only choice leftists support is that of murdering unborn, and born, babies. However, when it comes to one’s individual sovereign right to choose who they associate with, and their own political philosophy, well, to the left, you have no choice.

Just as with Islamo-fascists, you convert, subjugate, or face their violence, their threats. This is the way of today’s progressive socialists, and somehow, we have allowed it to find a home here, in Texas.

I have said it before and shall say it again, the ideological battle for America is right here in Texas. These leftists feel so emboldened that even here they would threaten conservative students, openly. We cannot dismiss this, or cower away.

These leftists feel so emboldened that even here they would threaten conservative students, openly. We cannot dismiss this, or cower away. Click To Tweet

Let me explain something: as a constitutional conservative, if my child was about to enter the University of Texas as a freshman, and they were conservative, the Autonomous Student Network would have hell to pay. I would not, and will not still, allow anyone to threaten, coerce, or intimidate our daughters. Any parent reading this and does not get angered into calling the President of the University of Texas, you are letting your child be bullied. Alumni of the University of Texas, is this what you want America to see in your Alma Mater?

Back when some social justice administration officials at the University of Tennessee tried to start that new pronoun game, I went ballistic. I think a group of conservative parents should be there at freshman orientation at the University of Texas and escort their sons and daughters to sign up for campus conservative groups.

It is time we stop allowing the insane to run the asylum . . . and it is time our conservative children know, we’ve got their backs. I think a talk to the conservative student organizations at the University of Texas is in my future. Word to you little fascists: “Don’t Tread on Me!”

I am quite sure the left will find a way to state that I am threatening violence against those who are threatening violence. Nope, it’s called my right to self-defense. It is my God-given right to protect my life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness . . . and there ain’t no happiness with progressive socialists being in power!

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