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The Fight for Our Red States

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I have been in NYC for the past few days. Sunday evening I had a private book signing, and of course, told the group why we need to be concerned about the future of the Lone Star State.

With Hillary Clinton’s assertion that the progressive socialist left will flip the Texas State House, and a GOP Speaker of the House telling Republicans they cannot campaign against incumbent Democrats . . . yes, Houston, we have a problem. There have been too many that have dismissed the demographic shift in Texas that is leading towards an ideological shift, focused on the major urban centers.

When one visits the Capitol of Texas, Austin, the immediate question becomes, am I still in Texas?

As reported by the City-Journal:

“During the 1970s, Austin—the state capital and home to the flagship campus of the University of Texas—was an affordable haven for the state’s assorted hippies, aspiring musicians, and itinerant bohemians. The city’s motto was “Keep Austin Weird,” a conscious departure from the Lone Star State’s conservative stereotype.

A half-century later, Austin’s slogan remains popular, and with Texas’s rapid population growth and urbanization, the city’s progressive politics now enjoy statewide appeal. The city is less “weird” today than “woke,” and the tendency is becoming contagious.  

Austin’s mayor, Steve Adler, personifies the city’s evolution. Adler [who] positioned himself as a moderate, but his centrism has disappeared. Adler now presides over a 10-person city council—all Democrats—elected from single-member districts. In recent votes, council members unanimously declared Austin a “Freedom City” for illegal immigrants and embraced the so-called Green New Deal. 

As the city council’s political direction veers leftward, so have Adler’s public positions. His latest stunt occurred at an Iftar event featuring Minnesota congresswoman Ilhan Omar as the keynote speaker. Adler, only the second Jewish mayor in Austin’s history, insisted on attending, saying that “every year, this event is a special opportunity for people of many faiths to grow together. As mayor, it is my privilege and responsibility to lean into such learning moments with my community—not to back away from them.”

He went ahead and appeared at the event with Omar, ignoring the opposition and protests of other critics, including the Zionist Organization of America, various Jewish leaders, Jihad Watch, and ACT for America.

In his dinner remarks, Adler praised Omar as an “inspiring and wonderful symbol of our country’s progress toward real and meaningful representation in government for people who have not previously seen themselves reflected in our democratic institutions”—an unusual tribute to someone repeatedly, and credibly, accused of anti-Semitism.’

Austin, Texas is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, and its progressive socialism is expanding from the city limits into Travis County — named after the heroic 26-year-old Lt Col William Barret Travis of the Alamo. It is now supplanting its collective socialist agenda as far north as Georgetown, Texas where the city council there is raising energy usage fees to compensate for a foolish “green energy” endeavor.

It should be rather disturbing that any mayor of an American city would embrace a well-known anti-Semite, and a Jewish mayor at that. However, as we all know, the leftist ideological agenda welcomes and has wholeheartedly has embarked upon an unholy alliance with islamo-fascists.

Perhaps one would feel this is acceptable in California, or even New York, no, it is finding a home in the Lone Star State. Speaking of California, as the article states:

“Austin aspires to be, in the words of the Wall Street Journal, “the San Francisco of the South,” spending profligately on “dubious social programs and utopian schemes.” For a citywide official, the sweet spot is to be “woke” enough to appeal to progressive voters without being so radical as to scare the business community. Adler, whose law practice involved lucrative dealings with real estate developers, knows that being a “centrist” in Austin, where the Democratic Socialists of America regularly endorse successful candidates, gives him leeway to tack leftward—and he has.”

When I go to Austin and stay downtown for conducting business, I am truly turned off by the growing issue with homelessness. The homeless have taken over the streets, and guess what, you find the same in another bastion of leftist control in Texas, Dallas. Now, if Austin seeks to replicate the model of San Francisco, where the homeless situation has reached an epidemic concern with feces and concerns about disease spreading, I would assert that is not the future we seek for Texas. As a matter of fact, it is rather delusional that anyone would want to be associated, modeled, after a city like San Francisco, where a young American woman, Kate Steinle, was gunned down by a criminal illegal immigrant, who was later found not guilty, not even on federal gun charges. And, the issue of the homeless is not just relegated to San Francisco, it is even exacerbated in Los Angeles now. Heck, even Cher came out complaining about having more illegal immigrants in Los Angeles, due to the homeless situation.

Should we be surprised? I say no, the progressive socialist left focuses on achieving control of major population centers, yes, even in red states. And what happens? Yes, you can see despair, despondency, and a degraded state of life wherever these leftist policies rule rather than govern.

Now, sadly, Texas does not appear to be immune to such, especially when the major colleges and universities are doing everything possible to indoctrinate and build the next generation of little socialists. Heck, consider Denton, Texas, the first major city along the Texas spine known as the I-35 corridor. The left has done an exceptional job in overtaking the University of North Texas, and now Denton, and Denton County is fighting to maintain its conservative roots.

The fight for our red states — North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia, Texas — begins in the urban centers. We already have a model of what the left has been successful in exporting out of California. Just look at Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado. Trust me, Idaho is next, Montana has been targeted already. The greatest evidence of the failure of progressive socialism exists in our urban centers. When you consider the lack of major population growth in the rural areas, guess what? The day is coming when east and west Texas will not be able to bolster the Lone Star State, just like in other Red States. Look at Atlanta, as opposed to the rest of Georgia.

We must do just as the Paratroopers did the evening before D-Day: jump in behind enemy lines. We must cause disruption by running for these City Council and School Board seats. We must retake the County Commissions and especially, stem the flow of progressive socialism into the suburban areas.

Yes, I am talking about a counter-strategy, which to this point, I would posit, has been lacking. Who wants to walk on filthy streets with human excrement, drug needles, and rodent infestations? Who wants Austin to be the “model” for Texas? I sure as heck do not! So we must begin to reverse what has been executed, very incrementally, over these past five to six decades.

Let me leave you with the closing paragraph from the article in the City-Journal:

“Austin’s march leftward may, unfortunately, predict the eventual political fortunes of the Lone Star State as the suburbs and major cities increasingly trend blue. Adler, now in his second term, cannot run for reelection. Perhaps he will follow the path of South Bend’s Pete Buttigieg, whom he endorsed for president. If the fast-growing Austin is a harbinger for the rest of the state, Texas has weirdness in its future.”

Once upon a time, the motto of Texas was, “Don’t Mess with Texas.” Well, these progressive socialist jackasses are messing with our Texas. What will we do about it?

My second book, How Texas, Hold the Nation: Victory or Death detailed scenarios such as these we are seeing in Austin and other places. Are you willing to make a stand as Travis and those Tennessee Volunteers did for 13 days?

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