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Reflections on the Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing

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I just got home at 2 a.m. from the Cayman Islands, then up at 5 a.m. for my morning run, then off to Atlanta for an event tonight. But throughout my travels, I’ve been catching as much of the confirmation hearing as I can. Here are just a few takeaways, thoughts, I had during this process today, some of which I live-tweeted.

As for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s sworn testimony, most of my concerns centered around the complete lack of any credible evidence. This is a man’s life-long reputation, and there must be corroboration evidencing the behavior Judge Kavanaugh is being accused of. The senators on the committee spoke several times, in various interviews, regarding Dr. Ford’s credibility. How can anyone be considered credible with no corroborating evidence?

It appeared that, as on the night President Trump nominated Judge Kavanaugh, the Democrats had already circled their wagons, and today was no exception. The Democrat [Socialist] party had their talking points ready to go. Many of their “questions” were statements, rather than trying to get to the truth at the core of this matter.

I watched Senator Cory “Spartacus” Booker drone on, and I could only ask — as I would any of these Senate Democrats — do y’all feel the same about Karen Monahan?

Senator Mazie Hirono asked if character still mattered? It didn’t with Bill Clinton, did it, Senator? The hypocrisy would be almost laughable, if not for the seriousness of such allegations.

Before, and during, this kabuki theater, we, the public, have been told that these hearings are not a criminal trial. In fact, Senator Kamala Harris made a point, during the “questioning” of Dr. Ford, that this was not a trial. However, what was quite telling was that she continued to hammer the point that “Judge Kavanaugh did not . . . ” over and over. The inference being that Judge Kavanaugh was on trial.

I thought this was a hearing and not a [criminal] judicial proceeding. Would Senator Harris believe an allegation without any evidence? Remember, a polygraph is not admissible. Again, this is not federal jurisdiction, as they have done six extensive background investigations into Judge Kavanaugh. It is obvious the left wants stalling and delay. I would ask this of Senator Harris: isn’t Karen Monahan a “profile in courage” also? An American patriot?

All the media hacks keep asking the same question: is Dr. Ford a credible witness? What does that mean? The point is that her accusations, and allegations, against Judge Kavanaugh are not credible. Dr. Ford can emotionally compel us all day long, but the issue is whether or not she’s credibly accusing Judge Kavanaugh. Democrats always want to stress feelings . . . Are we really going to condemn someone based upon feelings?

When it was Judge Kavanaugh’s turn, boy howdy did it seem as though he had his Wheaties today, and sure came out swinging against the hate-filled Democrat [Socialist] party! He sure could counsel the GOP on getting a spine!

At times, Judge Kavanaugh appeared emotional. Who wouldn’t be, given the severity of the allegations before him. As well, consider what I wrote earlier this week: what if these allegations are not true? Being emotional would be in keeping with, consistent with. someone declaring their innocence. Therefore, in the definition of progressive socialists, he is credible. The key point is that he presented facts, and evidence, to rebut accusations, and allegations, that had none.

As I watched Judge Kavanaugh’s wife sitting behind him, I could not help but wonder where Dr. Ford’s family, friends — her husband — were?

This whole circus has been appalling, and left should be ashamed, but that would require honor, integrity, or character. The left is deranged, delusional, and demented. To do this to an honorable man will not be forgotten, and will not go unpunished come November.

In all of this, the seminal point must be: what is holding up the confirmation vote? They should vote in committee immediately, and, this weekend, in full Senate. Judge Kavanaugh should be seated when the Supreme Court goes into session on October 1st. The Democrat [Socialist] party has already said they would not support this nomination anyway, so it is time to move forward, and get this done!

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