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Response to Migrant Invasion Headed to US

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Howdy, folks! The title of this missive clearly indicates what I would like to discuss. No, I don’t wanna talk about suspicious packages, the acts are despicable. I am quite certain that the unhinged, deranged perpetrator(s) of these crimes will soon be uncovered. We should all be thankful that no one was hurt, unlike the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise.

What I do want to discuss is something that has huge, severe ramifications for our Constitutional Republic, and that is the coming wave of migrants to our southern border. As I have stated, this is not a “caravan,” it is a planned and pre-determined endeavor to breach the border of this nation, a sovereign nation.

I do find it very interesting that we have not heard anything from Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielson. We have an impending crisis heading towards our border, one that threatens the security of our homeland. Yet we are hearing nothing from the person in charge of the agency responsible for the security of our homeland. That to me is very disconcerting. I would think that a press conference from the Department of Homeland Security would be appropriate.

Maybe I am barking up the wrong tree. Perhaps Secretary Nielson is out there meeting with, or at least calling, our border governors developing contingency plans. At what time do we call out the National Guard forces of the respective states in order to backfill the US border patrol?

Here is my greatest concern: the drug cartels, criminal elements, and Islamic jihadist groups have us totally focused on stemming the tide of this oncoming mass. Please understand, when you are talking about 7,000 people, that is equivalent to two Army Brigade Combat Teams (BCTs).

As we shift more resources to cover the McAllen sector, of wherever the breach point may be, we leave a gap elsewhere. The coalition of transnational criminal organizations, along with potential terrorist organizations, then exploit that gap. We must be fully aware that they know our tactics and re-positioning of assets.

I would hope that Secretary Nielson and the leadership of the DHS would study the main transit routes used by these elements and ensure they can block them. That means at a critical juncture we will need a plan to quickly prioritize assets and reallocate assets.

What needs to be happening right now are orders being prepared, units identified, of Military Judge Advocate General (JAGs), lawyers, who can be deployed into the penetration zone. We need a system by which we run 24/7 legal hearings for the determination of the validity of asylum requests. Now, here is my twist, that I would state early on: I would learn from the lesson of the migrant crisis in Europe, and where Angela Merkel and the Germans failed. They allowed scores of single military-aged males into their country. To this day they are paying a price.

I believe that our Homeland Security Secretary should announce that the United States will not allow any single military-aged males, 15-35, across our border. Any that attempt to breach our southern border will be immediately arrested, and charged with a felony crime, and tried by military tribunal, as they are not American citizens. America will only allow lone young children, and family units entrance, but they will be immediately taken to a holding place for asylum hearings. If there is any indication that they have been coached, and are not part of any politically persecuted entity, they will be immediately manifested to be flown back to their respective home countries via military aircraft. This means we need to start identifying Air National Guard assets and pre-deploying them into the penetration zone and identifying airfields and beginning flight route coordination.

Secretary Nielson should be preparing all the requisite resources to rectify this situation within two weeks. There will be no releasing of these individuals into our society with the hopes of their reappearing for a hearing. We need to find an adequate and secure former military base that can be used to provide the care and comfort for those allowed as they await their hearings.

This whole episode must be controlled and handled near the zone of penetration. None of these people should be allowed to infiltrate into our nation, and certainly not any single military-aged males. This means along with a compassionate stance, there has to be a resolute show of strength, force if necessary. Secretary Nielson should conference with President Trump and convey that there needs to be at least a 10-mile secure buffer zone that extends into Mexico, controlled by the Mexican police centered around the penetration zone. If need be, Secretary Nielson should travel to Mexico to speak with her counterpart.

This has to be a well-planned and rehearsed operation. We must have the necessary contingency plans to allow for flexibility, as nothing ever goes as planned. As we say in the military, “no plan survives first contact.”

We cannot sit back and allow fate to dictate, nor accept that this is business as usual. Someone has to take charge, and that is where we need a strong, resolute Secretary of Homeland Security. As well, we need to start thinking about how to reinforce and better equip our US Border Patrol because this is just the beginning. Rumors are that, just like a hurricane, another migrant invasion mass is assembling.

I just touched the tip of the iceberg. However, time is wasting, and each minute we are not planning and preparing, we lose the initiative. Once this little trek reaches certain designated distances from our border, it should set off certain actions. This is a deliberate invasion. Thus, our response must be deliberate.

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