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The Road to Serfdom is Underway

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Some 75 years ago, Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek wrote a book entitled, The Road to Serfdom. The premise of his literary work was that individualism, freedom, and liberty — cornerstones of classical liberalism — today’s constitutional conservatism would be threatened by the tyranny of centralized government control of economic decision-making. If there is a book I recommend that Old School Patriots read, this is one . . . especially as we head towards the midterm elections.

Hayek argued, in his day, that fascism, national socialism, and socialism had a common theme: central economic planning. That common theme led to a common objective, namely state control over the individual, and the creation of an oppressive society. I will definitively assert that today’s Democrat [Socialist] party in America is proving Hayek’s thesis. This is certainly true when one considers their most recent histrionics, and apoplectic meltdowns.

As evidence, I submit this, as reported by Fox Business News:

“The CEO of Levi Strauss urged business leaders to back new gun-control measures, saying the jeans maker will provide $1 million to activists and partner with Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety to promote stricter firearm laws. 

In an op-ed published by Fortune magazine, Chip Bergh argued that executives “simply cannot stand by silently” on the issue of gun control, adding that “doing nothing is no longer an option” even though taking a stance might be “unpopular with some.”

“You may wonder why a company that doesn’t manufacture or sell guns is wading into this issue, but for us, it’s simple. Americans shouldn’t have to live in fear of gun violence. It’s an issue that affects all of us—all generations and all walks of life,” Bergh wrote.

Levi Strauss created a fund to distribute $1 million in grants over the next four years, and Bergh said the company will work with Everytown for Gun Safety and Bloomberg to form a “coalition of business leaders” who support stricter gun laws.

The company has also expanded paid volunteer time to include political activism and doubled its donation match policy if employees contribute to organizations “aligned” with its fund. Bergh, a former U.S. Army officer, said he isn’t suggesting a “repeal [of] the Second Amendment.” In his op-ed, he specifically supported background checks on all gun sales.”

Yes, I do wonder why the CEO of a clothing company is focused on infringing upon the Second Amendment. As a former US Army officer, perhaps this Bergh fella did not believe his oath to the Constitution is forever? I, as a legal, law-abiding, American, gun owner, do not live in fear of gun violence. However, those people relegated to living under the tyranny of the progressive socialist left, who are restricted from their individual right to be armed, and to defend themselves, are. So what is this Bergh fella proposing? We know that the “gun show loophole” theory has been debunked. The only folks that are acquiring firearms without a background check are criminals, and we have laws on the books which are not being enforced. I don’t know about you, but I am tired of these elitist chuckleheads who travel about with personal security tossing around their millions to disarm “we the people.”

The ultimate goal is to pave the road to serfdom, because they do not want citizens, they want subjects, the new class of medieval serfs who must succumb to their tyranny. I do not wear Levi’s jeans, and certainly will not now. I wear Wrangler and Cinch jeans, and will certainly continue to do so, unless they believe in the tyranny of corporate elitism. How dare this minuscule little tyrant named Michael Bloomberg decide that he is going to redefine my right to protect myself. His misnamed — actually oxymoronic, emphasis on moron –“Everytown for Gun Safety” is the delusional leftist attempt to use tragedies committed by mentally ill individuals, and criminals, as the means to advance an anti-liberty agenda.

The bottom line is that in order to pave the road to serfdom, you must render the people unable to stand against tyranny. That is what Michael Bloomberg, and these corporate masters who believe they can force us into submission, seek. I say to hell with them all, they shall make make us into slaves, subjects, serfs.

For the second piece of evidence, consider the abject foolishness that was planned, and executed, by the progressive socialist left during the Supreme Court nomination hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The left’s belief is that when they are in control, they can appoint whomever they wish to the Courts, meaning those who fully embrace their agenda of judicial activism and progressive socialism, masked as social justice. What we are witnessing is their complete denial of the same constitutional enumerated power to anyone opposing their ideology. It is not just about Judge Kavanaugh, it is about anyone that is nominated to the Supreme Court with whom they disagree. In order to pave the road to serfdom, the left must have totalitarian control of our courts to implement their agenda, not by the legislative process, but by judicial mandate. The left will use whatever means of coercion, threats, intimidation, and disruption to prevent our judicial nomination process from going forth. Why? Because their unhinged behavior since the November 2016 presidential election reflects a mentality that they, and they alone, are entitled to rule, not govern, these United States of America. They must have control so that they can mandate submission, servitude, serfdom, and if it cannot be done via the legislative process, then the courts are their chosen avenue of destruction of individual freedom and liberty.

Lastly, the paved road to serfdom is enabled when the left refuses open debate, and opposing thoughts, perspectives, and insights. In truth, the left fears any challenge, hence their efforts to suppress free speech, by redefining it as speech that is acceptable to them. This week the leaders of two social media tech giants, Facebook and Twitter, were on Capitol Hill testifying. We all know why, and it cannot be denied, these leftists are censoring free speech, all the while masquerading as a forum for open sharing of information.

As well, we saw the leftist magazine, the New Yorker, cancel the panel discussion participation of Steve Bannon, based upon the childish displays, and social media threats, and rants, of entertainment elites. If the progressive, socialist, left truly believes in what they say, then why not have open debate with the opposing viewpoints on their own turf? No, that’s not how you pave the road to serfdom, you do not yield any possible platform to an opposing ideology because they only want ideological domination. Otherwise, why would constitutional conservative speech be thwarted on college and university campuses. Little training-pants leftists cry that they need a “safe space” when they get challenged to intellectual discourse. Serfs are told to remain silent, and when they are disarmed, they have no other recourse other than to obey, or face the consequences of the tyrants.

The road to serfdom is paved when the progressive socialist left redefines what it means to sacrifice, and what standing for principle means. We have seen this week the leftist corporate elites at Nike — I wear Asics — tell us that principle means demeaning, disrespecting, and denigrating our national symbol, our American flag. It appears sacrifice is not defined by those whose coffins are draped by that very same flag, but by clueless millionaire athletes, whom, sadly, we have elevated to false god status.

Yes, Hayek was right 75 years ago when he began writing his book. It is playing out before our very own eyes. And the statist, progressive, socialist, objective is still the same: erode, and then eradicate, individual freedom and liberty, and replace it with tyranny.

How very odd that it was a Republican president who freed the slaves back in 1864 with the 13th Amendment. Back then, just as now, it was the Democrat [Socialist] party that fought for enslavement of individuals. Today, they, the Democrat [Socialist] party, still want slaves, serfs, that are subject to their tyrannical ideological domination . . . Screw that!

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