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The ROI on the Progressive Socialist House of Representatives

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As we embark upon another leftist “manufactured crisis,” I think the real question that needs to be asked is what the ROI on the Nancy Pelosi progressive socialist House of Representatives has been? As you know, I never like being on defense, so it is high time we ask the hard question about that thing called “return on investment” on having this gathering of incompetents running the People’s house. If you recall, the leftists tried to tell us that they would spend their time in the majority governing, but what we have gotten has been quite the opposite. All we have experienced has indeed been a year’s worth of insidious hearings about nothing.

A few weeks ago, we laid out the case for the literal and abject hypocrisy of the left when it came to the egregious, unconstitutional, and yes, treasonous actions of one Barack Hussein Obama. Here we are going on Year Three of another round of the incessant use of power to blatantly undermine a duly elected president.

As a matter of fact, it is as Rep. Rashida Tlaib stated before she was even sworn in, “We are gonna impeach the motherf!@#er.” That has clearly set the tone for this year, and it has risen to its crescendo at this present time. The same Tlaib, who, as we articulated, has ties to Islamic jihadist organizations and persons, is calling for the use of US Marshals to remove Trump administration officials from their duly appointed offices.

Ladies and gents, that is what folks everywhere else in the world would refer to as a coup d’etat.

Yes, I must be honest and admit that the useful idiots of the progressive socialist left are exceedingly and abundantly enjoying this modern-day episode of “panem et circenses.” I tend to believe that leftists do not even know the reference, using that Latin terminology. The leftist base in America wants only one thing, and that is the punishment of Donald Trump for winning the election in November 2016. Basically, they would be mad at any Republican that defeated them, going back to George W. Bush’s election. How many times did we hear that he was an illegitimate president? Their angst was never quelled, and Bush’s reelection just sent them into an even greater frenzy.

We have reached a new and frightening era in American politics. One where the progressive socialist left believes in one thing: attaining complete and total ideological domination. They will leverage any and every aspect of government power — including the hidden “deep state” — to enable such. How very interesting that what is being revealed unto us before our very eyes is an almost East German Stasi secret police state that can be mobilized to create falsehoods and target an elected and sitting US president. This has now gone way beyond Barry Soetoro’s unconstitutional and tyrannical use of the Internal Revenue Service against the American people, his political opposition, manifested in the constitutional conservative grassroots movement known as the Tea Party.

I want you to objectively ask yourselves: what have we really gotten from having the progressive socialist left attain power in the US House of Representatives? Let me take you back to 2010 and the major of success of changing the majority in the US House of Representatives in 2011. It was about one single thing: effective policy and governing. During that time we did our very best to pass legislation, which of course ended up in Harry Reid’s floor file. But, we sought to lower government spending and get our fiscal house in order. No, we were not perfect, but we did see a decrease in our deficit, as we sought to curtail spending. I really wish we had instituted the policy of zero-based budgeting instead of baseline budgeting, but one can only dream.

What effective and/or reasonable policies have emanated from this class of clowns currently in the House majority? The Equality Act? Where are the fiscally responsible tax, regulatory, and budgeting legislation? No, I do not accept the folly known as the “Green New Deal” as a viable fiscal policy. I mean seriously, we are supposed to give folks money and bring an end to our oil and natural gas industries? Yeah, a solar panel will look real nice on my Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, or how about a wind turbine on my Victory Cross Country Eight Ball motorcycle? No, I do not want a doggone electric motorcycle, I like the feel of power!

What has been the ROI for this leftist House majority? “Da Girl Suicide Squad” led by a so-called economics major from Boston University, a couple of little Islamic jihadist sympathizers, and another who believes that skin color should dictate your political philosophy. We have a crazy eyes fella, who consistently lies as the head of our House Intelligence Committee. We have Jabba da Hutt as our House Judiciary Committee Chairman, and someone who oversees one of our greatest failing urban centers, Baltimore, as the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee.

Do not tell me about income inequality when you are advancing a philosophy based on tax inequality, better known as wealth redistribution. Click To Tweet

America, are these people doing anything to pass legislation to promote, advance, your economic growth, opportunity, and prosperity? And please, do not give me that failed talking point about an “economy that works for everyone,” that is centralized economic planning, socialism. Do not tell me about income inequality when you are advancing a philosophy based on tax inequality, better known as wealth redistribution.

As I have stated previously, the major difference between Republicans and Democrats (socialists) is that Republicans seek to create policies that enable people to be victors . . . Democrats (socialists) only make victims.

Just where are those folks who really enabled Nancy Pelosi to win back the gavel as Speaker of the House? You know, those Democrats who won in red congressional districts that had been won by President Donald Trump? Hmm, y’all happy with your ROI for voting for these silent little members of the Party of the Jackass? We hear nothing from them because the little Marxist disciple of Che Guevara, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the so-called Justice Democrats have threatened them with primary leftist opposition. So much for representing your constituents. I reside in one of those districts, CD-32 in Texas, and you can bet your bottom dollar, I will be doing everything possible to send Colin Allred home.

Hmm, y'all happy with your ROI for voting for these silent little members of the Party of the Jackass? Click To Tweet

Now, let this be another lesson learned for the Republican Party, especially House minority leadership. They are in the minority because they did not lead and legislate as constitutional conservatives. Yes, they got the tax cuts passed, but nothing on curtailing spending. As a matter of fact, they passed one of the largest Omnibus spending packages in US history. The debt has continued to increase, and deficit spending is back up. There was no progress on illegal immigration and border security. Therefore, the enthusiasm factor went to the left who made the first midterm election for President Trump all about President Trump, and over 25 red congressional districts were flipped, with some voter chicanery as well, which Republicans have failed to address, like ballot harvesting.

The ROI for this Democrat (socialist) led US House of Representatives ain’t in the green, we are losing money on them. So, why in anyone’s mind would they vote to allow the progressive socialist left to obtain any more power? Well, okay, perhaps if you like seeing the inmates run the insane asylum. Imagine a bunch of Joker characters, borderline psychopaths, running our government. Is that what you really desire?

Hey, Texans, that what “turning Texas blue” means, crazy folks being in charge. Why do I say crazy folks? Who else would take the capital of Texas and turn it into San Francisco?

I guess there are some who like throwing their money into a losing stock or investment. That is crazy. Yet, that is what you get when you throw your vote towards a progressive socialist: a poor return on investment, and utter lunacy.

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