Photo of an MS-13 member in an article by Allen West on the gang.

‘Sanctuaries’ — Blood on the Left’s Hands

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Well, it is obvious what the progressive socialist left believes is important. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has clued us in, it is all about President Trump being involved in obstructing justice and being part of a cover-up. As a matter of fact, that has become the new talking point of the left, cover up. They are hell-bent on impeaching President Trump, without any evidence, but that does not matter. It appears that the emotional meltdown of losing an election can only be rectified by impeaching the individual who sits in the White House. Ya know, the “high crimes” of not being liked by the progressive socialist left.

But, as the left goes about throwing their child-like temper tantrum, people are dying due to their intransigence on the issue of illegal immigration.

As reported by Townhall:

“Two illegal aliens, one who came to the United States in 2015 as part of a “family unit” and the other unaccompanied in 2016, were released by the Prince George’s County Police Department after being charged with attempted first degree murder and other crimes.

Upon release, they killed 14-year-old girl Ariana Funes-Diaz and dumped her body in a creek. Prince George’s County, which contains Baltimore, is a “sanctuary” for illegal aliens. Both are members of the extremely violent gang MS-13.

“Following the recent arrest of two unlawfully present teens suspected in the violent murder of a young girl in Maryland, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) officers in Baltimore are again seeking to take custody of the illegal aliens through the ICE detainer process following the Prince George’s County Detention Center’s (PGCDC) failure to cooperate,” ICE released in a statement.

“Josue Rafael Fuentes-Ponce and Joel Ernesto Escobar, both Salvadoran nationals, were previously arrested on May 11, 2018 when they were arrested by Prince George’s County Police Department (PGCPD) for attempted first-degree murder, attempted second-degree murder, participation in gang activity, conspiracy to commit murder, attempted robbery, and other related charges.” 

ICE filed a request with the local Maryland police department to hold Fuentes-Ponce and Ernesto Escobar. In other words, they issued a detainer. Instead of being held, the two were released “on an unknown date and time without notification to ICE.”

At the time, Fuentes-Ponce had already been ordered for removal from the country by an immigration judge. Last week on May 16, 2019, the same two men were arrested again and charged with first-degree murder.”

This happened in the Congressional district represented by one Elijah Cummings, Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Is anyone going to hold him accountable? How about the Mayor of Baltimore, or the local county-elected officials who declared themselves a “sanctuary” for illegal immigrants, criminals? House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer is from Maryland, Nancy Pelosi was born in Maryland. These are all the people who lead the Democrat (socialist) Party who prefer to eliminate ICE, have open borders, and refuse to correct our insane “asylum” provisions for illegal immigrants.

Remember the two young girls from Long Island, Nisa Mickens and Kayla Cuevas, both brutally killed by MS-13 gang members? Remember that just last week a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Deputy was shot in the face by an MS-13 member?

The time has come to hold the elected officials who support illegal immigrants on our country to be charged as accomplices in these crimes. If there were no “sanctuary” states and cities, these animals would not be finding safe harbor. Remember Kate Steinle? If anything, these families should be able to bring lawsuits against these jackass politicians who are responsible for the loss of life of their loved ones, such as the case with Officer Ronil Singh.

Just have to tell y’all, if I were Secretary of Homeland Security, these criminal illegal immigrants would be disappearing off our streets, dead or alive, doesn’t matter. No, I am sorry, they are not entitled to equal protection under our laws because they are not here in our country legally. Anyone obstructing our system of law, justice, would be arrested right along with them.

The question I have for Rep. @AOC -- who voted to defund ICE -- is what message do you have for the family of young Ariana Funes-Diaz? Click To Tweet

The question I have for Rep. Ocasio-Cortez — who voted to defund ICE — is what message do you have for the family of young Ariana Funes-Diaz? Yes, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, the blood of this young girl is on your hands and the rest of your progressive socialist cohorts. I guess that matters little since your collective ideological agenda is more important than the lives of young American girls.

The progressive socialist left wants to flood our streets with these criminal illegal immigrants gang members. At the same time, they also want to disarm law-abiding, legal gun owning Americans, precluding us from being able to defend ourselves from these savage barbaric miscreants?


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