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The Infamous Seattle Employee Head Tax

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We have been discussing the Seattle employee head tax ever since it came into being. This is not the first insidious, and onerous, tax policy to emanate from the uber-leftist Seattle City Council, remember the Gun Violence Tax? When the left focuses a tax on those companies, or individuals, against whom they have an ideological confrontation, all is good. But what happens when the delusional, progressive, socialist, leftist tax policies hit other liberal progressives?

As reported by The Hill:

“Just weeks after passing a new tax on big businesses, Seattle political leaders signaled late Monday they would reverse course and repeal it. Mayor Jenny Durkan and city council President Bruce Harrell said in statements that they would end the tax, initially meant to combat rising homelessness in a city where housing prices have soared. “We heard you,” Durkan and seven of the nine city council members said in a statement. “This week, the City Council is moving forward with the consideration of legislation to repeal the current tax on large businesses to address the homelessness crisis.” Business groups, led by the city’s largest employers like Amazon and Starbucks, had raised $200,000 in just a few weeks to gather signatures for a referendum challenging the new tax. They had planned to submit those signatures on Tuesday in an effort to place the referendum on the November ballot. “The announcement from Mayor Durkan and the City Council is the breath of fresh air Seattle needs,” said Marilyn Strickland, who heads the Seattle Metro Chamber of Commerce. “Repealing the tax on jobs gives our region the chance to address homelessness in a productive, focused and unified way.” The tax would have fallen on businesses that generated more than $20 million in revenue. The 585 businesses in the city that qualified would have faced a $275-per-employee tax, money that would have gone to pay for affordable housing and programs aimed at curbing homelessness. A study commissioned by the Chamber of Commerce, however, found the tax would have cost Seattle about 14,300 jobs and $3.5 billion in economic output. The council expected the head tax to raise $47 million in revenue.”

Okay, all together now, in a loud resounding chorus: “Oops!”

As Barack Obama would say, it’s just math, something that often seems a subject with which liberal progressives struggle. Also, the left does not comprehend the idea, the concept, that folks will indeed vote with their wallets. When you overly tax something, well, unless it is cemented down, it will move . . . and move far away. However, as I like to say, “truth to a progressive socialist is like sunlight to a vampire.” If you are a progressive, socialist, multi-billionaire, world’s richest fella, you understand truth when it comes to your bottom line, financially. Isn’t it grand that someone like Jeff Bezos can advocate for all those lefty policies until it hits home? And Starbucks? Well, I guess it comes down to the “bucks” after all.

As I like to say, 'truth to a progressive socialist is like sunlight to a vampire.' Click To Tweet

They are hypocrites who exemplify the adage, “do as I say, not as I do.” I am quite sure the leadership of the Seattle City Council got a little lesson in free market economics — yes, even from doggone Marxist socialists. The lesson’s bottom line was simple:  you tax us, we walk. Just imagine, this goofy idea is also being pondered by the mayors down in Silicon Valley, as we shared with y’all. Bet they ain’t thinking about it anymore . . . then again, stupid is as stupid does in California.

This is so funny that I just could not stop laughing, and it will set off a firestorm to say the least. So be it, it is about time the silly little fairy tale world of the left comes crashing down. The left cannot even force other leftists to accept their stupidity. Now, we just need to convince those chuckleheads who want to bring the same failing policies into economically successful Red States to go back to their collectivist enclaves, like Seattle, or coastal region California.

This story was just too rich not to share with y’all. It just goes to show the left really does not believe in what they purport to embrace, unless it is targeted against their political opposition.

Hey, Jeff Bezos (and Starbucks) just admit it: y’all are not truly free market capitalists, you are crony capitalists. You just want economic policies that enable your bottom line, and screw everyone else. You, sir, really do want to make money, but just like the Solyndra debacle, you believe that government, economic, tax, monetary, and fiscal policies should elevate a certain ideological agenda . . . yours. Needless to say, if these 585 businesses were all led by constitutional conservatives, the outcry would be monumental. However, the situation ethics of the leftists caved when met with opposition from rich, fat cat, elitist leftists. How utterly disgusting.

Then again, this is the face of the progressive socialist left.