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The Second Amendment and Civil Disobedience

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Oh, you can just bet that the progressive, socialist, anti-gun left is gonna take the title of this missive and spin it. They are not going to read what is written, but just decry that Allen West is calling for an armed revolt.


However, what I am calling for is law-abiding, legal, gun owners to enact exactly what the left is doing: lawfare. That means using targeted, civil disobedience; especially since we think the Constitution is still the rule of law.

Just awhile back, I wrote a piece about the leftist, selective approach on the rule of law. When it comes to immigration, well, it doesn’t apply to them . . . they just make up sanctuary states and cities. Heck, they are even to the point of defending a savage, vicious, and barbaric gang like MS-13. But, there’s nowhere to better evidence the disregard of the rule of law by the liberal, progressive, left than the Second Amendment. Remember the New Jersey real estate developer, and his edict of evicting anyone that owned a firearm on “his” property? Well, check this latest one out.

As reported by Fox News:

“The Boulder City Council unanimously passed a sweeping gun control ordinance Tuesday night banning “assault weapons” and bump stocks, even as a pro-Second Amendment group threatened to retaliate by suing individual councilmembers. In a surprising turn, one Colorado councilwoman admitted that she disagreed with the ordinance “in many ways,” saying it would invite a flood of litigation — despite voting for it. The city defines assault weapons as “semi-automatic firearms designed with military features to allow rapid spray firing for the quick and efficient killing of humans.” Included in the definition are “all semiautomatic action rifles with a detachable magazine with a capacity of twenty-one or more rounds,” as well as “semiautomatic shotguns with a folding stock or a magazine capacity of more than six rounds or both.” Those possessing assault weapons already can keep them under the law, but owning bump stocks and high-capacity magazines will be become illegal in July. Certain law enforcement and military personnel are exempted from the ordinance. 

During the public comment period for the legislation, the nonprofit Mountain States Legal Foundation promised to sue the city for “violations of the Second, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendments,” as well as the Colorado Constitution, Fox’s KDVR-TV reported.

A staff attorney for the group, Cody Wisniewski, said that individual councilmembers would be named in the lawsuit, according to the network.

Lawsuits generally cannot be directed personally at individual lawmakers for their official actions in legislative sessions, but naming elected officials in civil actions against the government is often acceptable as long as plaintiffs are not seeking to hold lawmakers personally liable for allegedly unconstitutional conduct.”

First, this is another example of an out of control progressive, socialist, city council — another is Seattle, that recently voted for a head tax. Now, who are these people to “define” what an assault weapon is? Heck, what about knives, hammers, dumbbells, cars, rental vans? As well, I found it rather comical, humorous, and oxymoronic — emphasis on the word moron — that they would say “semi-automatic firearms designed with military features.” Does that mean the recent Sig Sauer semi-automatic pistol selected as the new sidearm for the US Army is now banned in Boulder, CO? And, be careful with the wording here, because semi-automatic handguns could be included. Now, do I really care about a bump stock? Nah, I have yet to ever see one at any firing range. Most folks with semi-automatic rifles prefer accuracy, not “spraying” fire. According to these folks, even my Sig Sauer MPX 9MM Carbine is now banned by them . . . and, why?

Yes, now is the time for a little Second Amendment civil disobedience. After all, if a judge in the Ninth Circuit Court can tell the President of the United States that he must abide by an unconstitutional executive action from a previous president, DACA, it’s time we law-abiding, legal, gun owners push back. We do have a 14th Amendment equal protection right under the law.

Also, the 2010 McDonald v. Chicago case upheld the Second Amendment right of Americans at the state and local levels. So, we have an unconstitutional action by the Boulder city council — one that is purely driven by their political and ideological agenda — just as with the city council of Deerfield Village, IL. Folks, it is time we just said, “no!” No, we are not abiding by these unconstitutional actions. Let’s start tying the left up in legal knots like they love to do. Let’s start pushing back on these companies that side with the anti-gun leftists and let them know there are more of us, like 100 million, than there are of them.

Folks, it is time we just said, 'no!' No, we are not abiding by these unconstitutional actions. Let's start tying the left up in legal knots like they love to do. Click To Tweet

The City Council of Boulder Colorado has no probable cause to take such an action. Just the same as the abject stupidity of California Democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell who wants a buy back program, and wants to criminalize anyone that doesn’t participate. Good luck with that one. It’s time we explicitly taught the left a lesson in the rule of law, a little Constitution 101. The Second Amendment says, shall not be infringed; pretty easy to comprehend language, even for a common core advocate.

Think about the young single black Mom, Shaneen Allen, from Philadelphia, who was arrested in New Jersey for disclosing to police officers that she had a legal firearm in her car. Why do we seek to ask for permission with this national reciprocity nonsense? We have a right to keep and bear arms.

I mean, seriously, as I have stated before: if five Supreme Court justices can make ruling that same-sex marriage is the law of the land — but the Boulder city council has no issue there — then why is the Second Amendment, in our Bill of Rights, not the law of the land?

This is how the anti-gun left is gonna roll with this one. Look for more of these far left city councils to believe they can take similar action. Yep, I would not put it past the rascals in Austin, or perhaps even Dallas, TX, to take the same approach. We need to send a clear message, just as Rosa Parks refused to move on that bus: we shall not abide by unconstitutional actions enacted by the progressive socialist left. What are they going to do? Go to each and every house, and ask to search for weapons and magazines? Hmm, that didn’t work out so well for the Redcoats did it? This is why the left has always wanted a federal gun registry.

Hey, Boulder City Council, ever heard of Steven Willeford? Well, he is an NRA member,and trained firearms instructor, and he used a semi-automatic rifle to stop the shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas. I guess you would prefer him to use a rock? It was the fault of government that the assailant had an AR-15. A good guy with a gun, stopped the bad guy with the gun.

We need to send a clear message, just as Rosa Parks refused to move on that bus: we shall not abide by unconstitutional actions enacted by the progressive, socialist, left. Click To Tweet

“We’re going to see a lot of court cases coming before us,” Councilwoman Mirabai Nagle said despite voting for the ordinance, according to Colorado Public Radio. “I think that we’re going to spend a lot of time and money. It’s not that lives aren’t worth that, but I think that there was a better way of going about this. “

Yes, Councilwoman, you are going to have to spend lots of time and money, because our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is worth it. And our right to safeguard ourselves against criminals, and tyranny, is damn sure worth it.

I have two words for the Boulder City Council, and the anti-gun left: Molon Labe — come and take it.

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