Screenshot of children singing in a propaganda video by the Muslim American Society (MAS) in an article by Allen West for the Old School Patriot website.

See Something, Say Something . . . Yet Do Nothing

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We are told that to thwart potential terrorist attacks, “see something, say something.” But, when it comes to the very clear and present danger, threat, of militant Islamism right here in America, the forces badger you into standing down.

We all recall the neighbors in San Bernadino, California who witnessed the suspicious activity of Syed Farouk and Tashfeen Malik. The neighbors refused to say anything because, as stated, they did not want to be branded as “Islamophobes.”

There were soldiers who reported the actions of US Army Major Nidal Hasan, but their “saying something” fell upon deaf ears. Hasan who was supposed to be counseling our soldiers was instead condemning them and proselytizing Islam. The warning signs were there, yet, Hasan was transferred to Ft. Hood, Texas, where in December 2009, he killed 13 soldiers and civilians, wounding another 30.

I am in Philadelphia. I know that to say anything about what just happened here runs the risk of being denigrated, disparaged, and demeaned. The usual cast of characters, the useful idiots who turn a blind eye to Islamic jihadism, referring to it as “workplace violence” and the Islamists themselves, are going to scream to high heaven. Heck, known Islamist groups operating freely in America are already denying, dismissing, and crying offense to what can’t be explained in any other way.

As reported by Fox News:

“Disturbing footage of Muslim kids saying they would sacrifice themselves and kill for the “army of Allah” surfaced from an Islamic center in Philadelphia. The Muslim American Society (MAS) Islamic Center in Philadelphia posted the video to its Facebook page celebrating “Ummah Day” in which young children wearing Palestinian scarves sang and read poetry about killing for Allah and the mosque in Jerusalem. 

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), a watchdog group, alerted Fox News to the video. 

“These are not isolated incidents; they are happening in major centers of the country – including in Pennsylvania,” MEMRI said in a statement.

In the video, translated by MEMRI, kids can be heard singing: “The land of the Prophet Muhammad’s Night Journey is calling us. Our Palestine must return to us.”

One girl talks about martyrs sacrificing their lives without hesitation to conquer Jerusalem. “

We will defend the land of divine guidance with our bodies, and we will sacrifice our souls without hesitation,” a second girl says. 

“We will chop off their heads, and we will liberate the sorrowful and exalted Al-Aqsa Mosque. We will lead the army of Allah fulfilling His promise, and we will subject them to eternal torture.” 

MAS Philly belongs to the Muslim American Society (MAS), which has 42 chapters in the United States and one in the United Kingdom. MAS’ website says that its mission is to “move people to strive for God-consciousness, liberty and justice, and to convey Islam with utmost clarity,” and that its vision is “a virtuous and just American society.”

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The truth about the Muslim American Society (MAS) is that it is yet another of the listed organizations that will enable a “civilizational jihad” in the United States. That goal and the list of groups to effect that end are listed in the Muslim Brotherhood’s strategic memorandum written in 1991 by Mohammed Akram, discovered in an FBI raid of a home in northern Virginia in 2004. The said document was translated and is open sourced as part of the largest Islamic terrorism funding case in US history, the Holy Land Foundation case in Texas. How utterly dumb can we be to have the enemy’s blueprint in our hands and we refuse to do anything?

See something, say nothing?

To this day, no US President has sought to denounce the Muslim Brotherhood as an Islamic terrorist group. If they were to do so, the litany of groups named in the strategic memorandum of the Muslim Brotherhood would not be able to operate in our Country. It is unconscionable that an organization such as the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) affiliated with Hamas — meaning the Muslim Brotherhood — has an office on our Capitol Hill. Imagine, does the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) have an office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia? Or how about Tehran, Iran?

We have come so far down the road to perdition that we find it difficult to condemn the enemy before us, and their abhorrent behavior. Our own US Congress cannot seem to admonish an openly anti-Semitic Somali Muslim Congresswoman who referred to 911 as “some people did something.” As well, she abjectly lied about the existence of CAIR, which was not founded after 911 but was established after the writing of the Muslim Brotherhood explanatory memorandum.

What happened in the MAS Islamic center in Philadelphia has nothing to do with freedom of religion, speech, or expression. It is a wanton call made by children who have been indoctrinated into spewing forth hate-filled rhetoric, right here in the United States.

Heck, Philadelphia is the birthplace of American freedom, of our nation, the home of the Declaration of Independence, our rule of law, the US Constitution, the Liberty Bell. And what do we have today? The next generation of little Islamic jihadis being groomed on our American soil, on the sacred grounds of Philadelphia.

To state these things does not make one an “Islamophobe,” but to deny these things does make one an “Islamapologist.” I will not be coerced into silence, neither should you. This is a grave matter.

Remember how we shared the story about the Muslim Community Patrol in New York City? Have you heard anything else about it? Of course not. Why? Why, have we become so fearful, as our reticence and recalcitrance only serves to embolden this very determined adversary?

Think about it: we haul Christians before the Supreme Court because they refuse to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding. We have to argue a case before the Supreme Court to allow the Bladensburg (Maryland) Cross Memorial to fallen Americans of World War I so as not be torn down. Aaron and Melissa Klein of Sweet Cakes by Melissa have had their lives ruined, their business destroyed because their freedom of religion compels them to believe in traditional marriage between one man and one woman.

Yet, we are allowing this, right here in Philadelphia? This is FUBAR. And, for folks here in Philly, y’all are known as being some of the toughest fans on opposing teams. What shall you do in this case? Nothing? Is deriding an opposing sports team more important than facing a known ideological enemy?

It is gut check time in America. President Trump, declare the Muslim Brotherhood an Islamic terrorist organization. Read the Muslim Brotherhood’s strategic memorandum, Mr. President. What the heck are you doing, John Bolton, you are the National Security Adviser?

Down south, when we see something like this, we say something, and it is, “that dog don’t hunt.”

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