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Why a Simple Question Has the Left Going Mad

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We all know the Capitol One credit card commercial that asks a simple question, “what’s in your wallet?” Well, there is a really simple question, truly common sense and innocuous, that has caused an apoplectic rage with the progressive socialist left. How dare the Trump administration plan to ask the question of American citizenship in these United States of America during the 2020 US Census.

As expressed by Liz Peek at Fox News:

“Liberals [progressive socialists] are outraged over the Trump administration’s decision to include a citizenship question on the 2020 census. The query, they say, may deter some people who are in the country illegally from participating in the decennial headcount. So what? The census will provide the data for how hundreds of billions of dollars in federal program funds are distributed, and also determine how many seats each state has in the House of Representatives, as well as how many Electoral College votes go to each state. None of those questions should be influenced by the presence of undocumented people. People who are not citizens are not allowed to vote. So why should they be given representation in Congress? Should Arizona get more seats in the House because it has a large population of undocumented people, giving it more clout than Maine, for instance, that has few? No, it should not. But it does now.

State leaders are increasingly choosing to allow a large portion of their populations to be people who have entered the country illegally. California, most conspicuously, has made that choice, granting sanctuary to illegal residents and granting such people numerous benefits and rights. As a consequence, the state is home to about 2.5 million unauthorized people, making up about 6 percent of California’s population. However, the inhabitants of other states that do not chose to underwrite a large undocumented immigrant population should not be penalized by the self-interested political decisions made by California’s Democratic leaders. People who are in the country illegally are not supposed to receive food stamps, Medicaid or other federal assistance – but many do. A large number of families headed by undocumented people actually are on welfare, receiving those benefits through their U.S.-born citizen children. The most recent “survey of income and program participation” from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that 62 percent of households headed by undocumented people are receiving federal welfare, more than twice the percentage for households headed by native-born Americans.”

My first question is why? Why is the liberal progressive left up in arms about asking a question about American citizenship in our census? The answer is simple, the liberal progressive left does not believe in America. They do not believe that we have sovereign borders to protect. They do not believe in the preeminence of this Constitutional Republic and its rule of law. For certain, the left couldn’t care less about protecting American citizens. The left needs victims, they need a demographic group that is dependent upon them for electoral patronage, and leverage. The left is driven by a desire for power, nothing less will satisfy their insatiable appetite. What the left wants is representation in America based upon population — illegal or otherwise — not representation based upon citizenship.

If the liberal progressive left wants to enact these “sanctuaries” for illegal immigrants, there are consequences. Ask yourselves: who would want to vote for this political party that does not support the concept of these United States of America?

And to think, here we have the left that is currently on a mission to disarm law-abiding legal gun owners in America. This is the same left who finds more comfort in embracing criminal illegal immigrants: the Kate Steinle case, and the example of Oakland Mayor Schaaf come to mind. In essence, they seek to render American citizens helpless in the face of a growing illegal immigrant population. But, as Ms. Peek points out, the left also wants law-abiding legal Americans to pay for those here illegally. And, we know that the left wants illegals voting in elections.

I shall say it, & am willing to defend this assertion: today's Democrat party, the progressive socialist left, is indeed an anti-America party. Click To Tweet

These actions must prove to us all that the progressive socialist left in America, the Democrat party, wants to undermine, fundamentally transform, these United States of America.

Here we have yet another reason why the left will not be successful in the 2018 midterm elections. Just think, even in California we are witnessing municipalities and counties standing up to the state’s declared sanctuary law. We all knew it had to be a matter of time before liberty loving people — yes, in California — stood up to the tyranny of the left.

What delusional mind would refute the asking of a question of American citizenship in our census? The reasoning of the left, such a question would deter people in the Country illegally would answer the inquiry, is nonsensical. What the left fears more than anything is that they will lose electoral representation. We need ask ourselves a basic question of governance, and civics, shall our representation be based upon citizenship, or just population? Now, ask yourselves: how could it be that individuals in America illegally be authorized to have representation, especially since they cannot participate in our elections? Then again, this is truly what the liberal progressive left wants.

Imagine this: the Attorney General of California has threatened to arrest the Sheriff of Orange County CA, for upholding federal law on immigration. Yes, arrest a law enforcement officer for following the law and protecting law-abiding citizens. This is beyond absurd. Here you have the Oakland Mayor committing obstruction of justice in alerting criminal illegal immigrants, who fled, and later committed further felony crimes.

So, ask yourselves: why turn these United States of America over to the progressive socialist left that wants to destroy this nation? Why vote for these people whose ideological agenda consists of everything that is the antithesis of our Constitutional Republic? Why give power to these tyrants who demand subservience and subjugation and would potentially employ criminal illegal immigrant gangs to terrorize a disarmed American citizenry in order to maintain their power? Imagine the black-clad Antifa thugs roaming the streets assailing patriots who would stand up for their unalienable rights.

I shall say it, and am willing to defend this assertion: today’s Democrat party, the progressive socialist left, is indeed an anti-America party. Just remember that a leftist complained that President Trump said ‘America’ too much during his State of the Union Address. That tells me all I need to know.

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