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Something is Missing

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Today is Monday, October 1st, and it is the first day of the US Supreme Court session. And, just as the Democrat [Socialist] party planned, there is something missing . . . someone, rather: a ninth Supreme Court Justice.That individual, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, sat on the nation’s second highest court, the DC Circuit Court, and has over 300 court decisions for anyone to read. His credentials are impeccable, along with his character. There have been more documents provided by this nominee than for all the previous five combined. Yet, today, Brett Kavanaugh is not sitting on the Supreme Court. Why?

We all know why, and it is non-debatable: this is all about politics, and this process has been highly politicized. See, the progressive, socialist, left was not concerned about expending too much political ammunition over the nomination of Neil Gorsuch. The retirement of Justice Kennedy sent the left into full apoplectic meltdown mode for the 2,748th time. What was at stake was unconscionable to them: a conservative-leaning Supreme Court. Actually, what drove the left mad was this would be a non-judicial activist court. There would be no more mandating the ideological agenda of the left from the bench, something they had enjoyed for relatively quite some time. For whatever reason, the phrase, “elections have consequences” does not apply when the Democrat [Socialist] party loses. As a matter of fact, their raison d’etre becomes #resist, and that theme is to be attained by any means necessary.

Thus, a good man, husband, and dad, an exceptional American jurist, is now being targeted, and publicly assassinated by the progressive, socialist, left. They know what they are doing, and have no shame in carrying forward their despicable behavior. If you recall, the evening that President Trump was to make his announcement of his second SCOTUS nominee, the left took to the streets protesting, using fill in the blank signs. The Senate Democrat [Socialists] avowed that they would not vote for Judge Kavanaugh, and the Senate socialist leader, Chuck Schumer, admitted that he would do “everything” to block this nominee . . . and we thought that first day of the hearing was bad? There were over 230 arrests in the Senate Judiciary committee hearing room of those protesting Brett Kavanaugh. Why? He was being deemed as “evil,” and that elevating him to the Supreme Court would result in the deaths of people.

Ask yourselves: when Barack Obama nominated both Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court, does anyone recall this much drama? Needless to say, the ideological positions of those two jurists were not acceptable to constitutional conservatives, but there was nothing near this type of denigration, disparagement, or demeaning behavior.

The Democrat socialists have lied in every possible way to undermine this nomination, including saying that never in our history has there been a midterm SCOTUS nomination. However, the revelations of the deepest, and most despicable of allegations, and accusations, against Judge Kavanaugh should have us all sick to our stomachs . . . but not the left. They shall be rejoicing today that Brett Kavanaugh is not being referred to as Justice Kavanaugh. And, even if he is eventually seated, they have vowed, in pure political fashion, that they will impeach him . . . for what?

I just have to wonder: what are those other Supreme Court Justices thinking right now? Are they pleased to see this process become so horribly partisan, so utterly disgusting? I mean if I could be a fly on the wall in their respective homes, I would love to know what they are saying to their families, and friends. I would be totally enthralled to know what they were saying, watching this very bad Kabuki theater of a confirmation hearing. I wonder how many of them would be willing to be in the position in which Judge Kavanaugh finds himself? Of course the lefties on the court would have no worries because they know they would never be assailed in the same manner.

That leads to my next inquiry: how many on President Trump’s list of potential SCOTUS nominees are watching this and saying, no. They are saying no to any possibility of being nominated. Yes, they would turn the opportunity down. That is exactly what the ideological terrorists and disciples of Saul Alinsky desire, coerce, threaten, intimidate anyone from wanting to face their gauntlet . . . which is the most evident duplicitous hypocrisy we have seen.

Look at the record of one Rep. Robert “Bob” O’Rourke running for US Senate here in Texas. He is being hailed as the new face of the Democrat [Socialist] party, but he has a criminal record. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is possibly one of the most incompetent individuals who has ever run for US Representative . . .  hoping to join the other incompetent chuckleheads on that side of the aisle. Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut is all in front of media cameras talking about Brett Kavanaugh’s integrity. He is the same blubbering fool who lied about serving in Vietnam.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut is all in front of media cameras talking about #BrettKavanaugh's integrity. He is the same blubbering fool who lied about serving in Vietnam. Click To Tweet

Yet, it is Brett Kavanaugh who is missing today, and who is being made to suffer at the hands of these real deplorables. Now, thanks to the Benedict Arnolds of the Senate GOP, his torture must continue for another week, allowing the cunning liars of the left to scheme even more. Needless to say, unless this continued farce of an “investigation” into uncorroborated allegations, and accusations, produces what the left wants to hear . . . there will be more calls to delay.

Brett Kavanaugh is missing from his seat on the US Supreme Court today. If you wish to enact the requisite political revenge on the Democrat [Socialist] party in just over a month . . . do not fail to report to the local polling place. If we want Judge — Justice — Brett Kavanaugh’s, courageous stand, and sacrifice, to not be in vain, show up and vote against these progressive socialists who seek to intimidate good people from serving this Constitutional Republic.

Remember how damn sad the leftist media was on election night, November 2016? Then, it’s time for a repeat, and continue to squash them at the ballot box until they get the message. Elections do have consequences, and we do not want them!

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