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Surprise, Surprise, Surprise . . . Not!

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I am going to date myself, but some of you may remember Jim Nabors, and his character Gomer Pyle, USMC. His signature line, among many, was “surprise, surprise, surprise,” and this tagline is somewhat appropriate for some of the actions we are witnessing on the world stage . . . or perhaps not.

I am referring to the actions of Hamas, and also those of Kim Jong Un in North Korea. I would also throw in the all too familiar liberal, progressive media response.

First, let’s deal with what is happening in the Middle East:

Anyone attempting to draw an association between the US Embassy opening in Jerusalem, and the actions of the designated Islamic terrorist organization, Hamas, is delusional. No one should be at all surprised by the actions of Hamas. If you have not read Hamas’ charter, well, it specifically calls for the destruction of Israel. Did I mention that Israel is a sovereign State? No one should be surprised that Hamas would deliberately plan out these “protests” at a time leading up to the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the modern-day State of Israel. As well, we should not be surprised that the most intense attacks along the Israeli-Gaza border would be on the day the US Embassy opened in Jerusalem. This was an intentional act in order to shift the media narrative towards the incidents at the border.

We should not be surprised that, at a time when there should be celebrations and congratulations for Israel, the United Nations is once again seeking to condemn Israel. Hmm, let me ponder this for a moment: Hamas is a designated terrorist organization. Hamas is known to use women and children as human shields, as well as UN facilities as weapons storage sites. Hamas has called for individuals to conduct operations against the border of a sovereign state. Hamas has been building tunnels in order to infiltrate Israel. And the UN wants to condemn Israel?

Sadly, as stated, there is no surprise here. And we have the liberal progressive media touting the Hamas propaganda line and trying to convince us that the opening of our Embassy is a deterrent to Middle East peace? I tend to believe that the true impediment to Middle East peace is the existence of Islamic terrorist organizations like Hamas, and to a degree, Fatah. If there is anything we must realize, it’s that we should never allow peace to be held hostage by violence. In other words, we must stop being afraid to stand up because the Islamic jihadists will throw violent tantrums.

Ask yourselves: why did those folks in Gaza go to Israel’s border? Why did they not just stay at home, or at work? It’s simple, because they all embrace the call to arms in the charter of Hamas: the destruction of Israel. There are consequences to one’s actions, and it should come as no surprise to any of us that Islamic jihadists care little about their own people when it comes to the demise of the Jewish State of Israel.

My recommendation is to express that any cancellation of the summit with South Korea places our summit with Kim in jeopardy. Click To Tweet

Well, if you have not heard, the charm offensive seems over — no surprise there. Yes, Kim Jong Un has canceled the next summit with South Korea. There is a possibility the June 12th North Korean summit with the United States may be on shaky ground, as well. No surprise, Little Kim wants the joint military exercises between South Korea and the United States to be canceled. The response to that request needs to be an unequivocal “no!” As I have said before, so, will I say again: President Trump needs to proceed with caution, and not be so forthcoming with praise of a brutal dictator. We, the United States, have a high ground, and we must not relent one iota. We must maintain these military exercises, and keep the economic sanctions implemented, and have a stronger round prepared to enact.

Yes, denuclearization is the goal and it must be totally verified before any positive actions happen for Kim Jong Un. He wants to stay in power, that is not debatable, but we, along with South Korea, must be in the driver’s seat. No surprise here, we have been down this road with North Korea previously, but this time can be different. We cannot acquiesce. My recommendation is to express that any cancellation of the summit with South Korea places our summit with Kim in jeopardy.

One of the lessons learned from the Obama administration was that they always made concessions to obtuse, belligerent nations — Iran, North Korea, Cuba, and Russia — without any reputable actions by those nations. And, surprise, when these nations, much as Hitler did with Neville Chamberlain, disregarded any “piece of paper.”

One of my maxims when I was in the Army was “surprises are for birthdays.” The recent actions of Hamas and Kim Jong Un are not surprising, just consistent with their previous behavior. The one real surprise happening is that America is no longer the pushover that it was under Barack Obama.

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