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Those Swell Hamas Fellas are at it Again

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Allen West Old School Patriot Up From Slavery

Many in America have what can only be described as the fast food drive-through attention span. If I were to ask the common person on the street what was happening in Israel a month ago, chances are there would be deer in the headlights looks. Of course, we should remember another historic feat, a promise kept, by President Trump with the relocation of the US Embassy to Jerusalem. Now, coinciding with that, we had those “freedom fighters” — yes I jest — those Islamic terrorists, jihadists known as Hamas, inciting riots, and enacting violence along the Gaza border. And, yes, the appropriate response to the threat of a nation’s sovereign border by a terrorist group is that they were shot, wounded, and killed. The ensuing condemnation, as usual, was not against Hamas, but Israel. As if they should be expected to just be overrun by an organization whose charter calls for the destruction of their nation.

The aggression, and attacks by Hamas continue on, but there is a difference: there isn’t an Islamist sympathizer in the White House. Hamas is using a new tactic now: incendiary balloons to create havoc, and attacks, against the citizens of Israel. But, as stated, Israel is not taking this lying down. But, ask yourselves: where are the UN condemnations against Hamas? Or, even its major state sponsor, Iran? Remember how the progressive socialist left in America found so much fault with Israel’s response? How many Jewish Democrat Members of Congress attended the historic grand opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem? Telling, huh?

We have heard the rantings about a two-state solution for countless years, but ask yourselves: do these jihadists really want peace? The honest answer is no. And, truthfully, why should a sovereign nation be forced to surrender territory to those who want them dead? I will pay anyone who can tell me when there was a “nation” or “country” called Palestine. Recall that Roman Emperor Hadrian introduced that term, and regional designation, as a punishment to the Jewish people after the Simon Bar Kokhba rebellion, circa 132-135 AD.

Why does the UN recognize something that has never existed? After all, Mahmoud Abbas is just another Islamic jihadist leader, and his choom gang is called Fatah. Abbas is one of the original terrorists, a key lieutenant under Yasser Arafat. Hence, we should not be surprised with this new revelation.

As reported by The Algemeiner:

“A Shin Bet official said the arrests showed “once again the desire, efforts, and investment of the Hamas terror group to establish terrorist infrastructure in Judea and Samaria, with the g”Israeli authorities have broken up a West Bank-based Hamas terror cell that was planning suicide bombings, among other attacks, the Shin Bet security agency revealed on Sunday. “In recent months, the Shin Bet, Israel Defense Forces and Israel Police uncovered a Hamas terror cell, extraordinary in its size and level of activity, which operated in the Nablus area,” the Shin Bet said in a statement. According to the Shin Bet, the cell was plotting bombings in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, as well as a string of attacks against Israeli targets across the West Bank. More than 20 suspected members of the cell were arrested two months ago, including its leaders, 35-year-old Mutassem Muhammad Salem and 25-year-old Fares Kamil Zebidi.  

A Shin Bet official said the arrests showed “once again the desire, efforts, and investment of the Hamas terror group to establish terrorist infrastructure in Judea and Samaria, with the goal of executing major attacks in Israel.” 

The IDF said on Twitter on Sunday that it would “continue operating to thwart attacks that threaten the safety of Israeli civilians.”

One must ask the simple question: why is Hamas operating out of the Fatah-controlled West Bank? The answer is also simple: it’s because Mahmoud Abbas is allowing them to do so. Why hasn’t the UN sanctioned Fatah, and Abbas — or better yet — revoked their UN membership? This is what I find utterly disturbing and absurd: the UN is allowing Islamic terrorists, and state sponsors of Islamic terrorism, to be members of its body. The UN Secretary General was all in a tizzy about conducting an investigation, and condemning Israel for protecting its borders. What the heck about Hamas, Fatah, and Iran? When are those rascals at the UN going to do something about that? This is why I truly believe there is only one wake up call: defund the UN. I see no reason why the American taxpayer is subsidizing this organization — and I will not go into Russia, and China, being permanent members of the UN Security Council.

Folks only respond to tough actions, and it is time we put the hammer down with the UN. Then again, we know that there were UN facilities used by Hamas in Gaza for ammunition caches and command posts . . . how grand.

What the heck about Hamas, Fatah, and Iran? When are those rascals at the UN going to do something about that? Click To Tweet

How can Fatah, and Abbas, be trusted to be “peace partners,” when they are allowing Hamas free operating posture in areas they “control.” Why would anyone seek to force Israel to surrender Judea, and Samaria — their rightful lands — just so that Hamas, and other Islamic jihadist groups, can have a sanctuary, and base of operations, to launch attacks?

It’s time we cease the talk about a two-state solution. It’s time we realize that Middle East peace is not possible as long as Islamic jihadist organizations exist, and thrive — heck, even have voice in the United Nations. Just as a tough stance brought North Korea to the table, so will a similar approach bring about the capitulation of Mahmoud Abbas and his shenanigans — which again, the American taxpayer is funding.

It is time we no longer supply Abbas with funds that he uses to pay off terrorist families. We should now understand why giving Iran billions of dollars, and lifting sanctions was a dumb idea — especially since it was used to support groups like Hamas, and the Houthi rebels — not to mention the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps and the Quds Force, both designated terrorist organizations. Hamas is what they are, and they are not changing, so what is the next best solution? Just like with roach or vermin infestation, eradication, it’s extermination. Oh darn, I am so mean, because, after all, perhaps Hamas — like MS-13 — has a spark of divinity within them. I think not.

There is only one course of action with evil . . .  and Hamas is just another personification of the evil of Islamic jihadism, along with Mahmoud Abbas, and Fatah.

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