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My Thoughts on the 2018 Midterm Elections

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Yesterday I went over to my early voting precinct in the Lake Highlands area, Bethany Church on Walnut Hill, to do my civic duty and vote. Monday was the first day of early voting here in Texas, and, boy howdy, even in the early afternoon there was a nice line. I can tell you that I did not vote for Robert Francis “Bob” O’Rourke. However, yesterday I shared with you my mindset entering into the voting booth, electronic ballot. Today I wish to share my thoughts on where this election could go.

First of all, I do not believe there will be a senator from Texas named “Bobby” O’Rourke. We have a steamrolling southern invasion that has grown to over 7,000, passing through Mexico, potentially heading towards border crossings in Texas. The last thing the Lone Star State wants, or needs, is an open border, anti-ICE senator.

Speaking of the US Senate, I truly believe that the GOP will maintain their majority in the upper chamber of our legislative branch, and potentially increase that number. I also believe that there could be some surprises out there in US Senate races, namely the one in Michigan where Sen. Debbie Stabenow is facing a strong challenge from former US Army combat aviator and businessman, John James.

What truly turned the tide in the Senate races, and cannot be debated, was the abhorrent behavior witnessed by the progressive, socialist, leftist Senators on the Judiciary Committee. The way these leftist Senators enabled and licensed a mob to storm Capitol Hill and defame our Supreme Court will not be forgotten. This is no different from the left’s promoting and advancing the lawlessness not just on our streets, but in countries like Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Mexico to storm our border.

Therefore, I have no concerns about the results of the US Senate races. I think that the mobocracy that confronted the GOP senators woke them up. Man, what got into Sen. Lindsay Graham? His direct refute of the actions of those Senate Mobocrats inspired the GOP Senate to all find their courage — and that included Sen. Susan Collins.

What I do hope is that we will see a change in the behavior of the Senate GOP. My wish is that they will support President Trump’s legislative agenda, and that means a border security system that includes a wall. I also hope we will not see any more $1.3T omnibus spending bills, either.

Now, for the US House of Representatives, it’s a bit of a different contest. The Mobocrats only need to pick up 24 House seats in order to gain the majority. Now, hear me out: if that were to happen, I would not be totally upset, because I look at this far more strategically.

Ponder this: Speaker Nancy Pelosi. All those progressive socialists who ran, saying that they would not vote for her as Speaker . . . will. Then consider Adam Schiff as Chairman of the House Intel Committee, along with Jarrold Nadler as Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, who has pledged to investigate, and impeach, Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Then there will be the utterly incompetent Elijah Cummings who will be the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee. He has stated his focus will be investigating President Trump, not top-level corruption in the Department of Justice. And, lastly, the creme de la creme will be Mad Max Waters as Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee. Remember, somehow her husband’s bank got a boatload of taxpayer funds as part of Obama’s stimulus. Oh, perhaps the personification of the “Know-Nothing Party” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gets a sub-committee chairman position, hmm, how about on Ways and Means, or Budget Committee?

My point in bringing all of this out is because you will see the progressive, socialist, left at their best . . . which means, for America, their worst.

My assessment is that if the left wins back the House of Representatives, they will overreach to appease their deranged, and delusional, mob. There will be incessant hearings over nothing that betters the quality of life for the American people. It will all be about “Impeach 45,” and reversing the tax cuts that have given us phenomenal economic growth, and historically low unemployment. In other words, the left, led by Nancy Pelosi, will shoot themselves in the foot, publicly. Folks, that may just be a good thing, in the long run.

Why do I say so?

Because the antics of the progressive, socialist left will turn off the country heading into the 2020 presidential election. What is strategically vital is to win in 2020, and have President Trump be reelected to be in the position to nominate 2-3 more Supreme Court justices. As well, perhaps the House GOP will be led by true constitutional conservatives, selecting Jim Jordan as Minority Leader, setting him up to be Speaker of the House in two years.

Most importantly, it may just set the conditions for more constitutional conservatives to run in 2020 in those congressional districts that lean Red to win. Now, do I really want to see Nancy Pelosi as the Speaker of the House and all those aforementioned folks as Chairpersons? No. However, if there is one thing we need, it’s long-term vision for electoral success and victory. All will not be lost with a leftist takeover of the House of Representatives, especially with an increase of GOP victories in the Senate. No one believes that the GOP will lose the Senate. Pelosi and her cronies will be over their skis, and, in the end, crash and burn in 2020. That sets the condition for a greater victory in that presidential election cycle. The left in the House will seek to stymie our economic growth and overall prosperity, and that will be their downfall.

Actually, the GOP is in a good position going into this midterm election. Of course, the best case scenario is to maintain the majority in the House of Representatives. But, my point, my thought is that even if lost, there is a tremendous opportunity just waiting for the taking.

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