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The UN is Stuck on Stupid

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I know that the title of this missive will anger many progressive socialist collectivists. They are in a state of abject adoration and affection when it comes to these global-body politic organizations. However, anyone with a functioning intellect knows that the United Nations is a failed construct. If anyone believes that all nations are equal, they are delusional. Nations that embrace a belief in individual rights, freedoms, and equality of opportunity are not on a level field with a country like, well, North Korea.

Here’s my rationale for stating that the UN is stuck on stupid. As reported by CNS News:

“The Assad regime is set to assume the chair of a United Nations forum whose agenda includes an end to weapons of mass destruction, at a time when it is accused of using them against civilians in Syria.

The “Syrian Arab Republic” is scheduled to chair a four-week segment of the Conference on Disarmament’s (CD) 2018 session in Geneva, from May 28 to June 24. The CD is the forum which in 1992 drafted the text of the Chemical Weapons Convention – the international treaty which the U.S. and allies accuse the Assad regime of violating a number of times during the ongoing civil war, most recently last weekend. “Syria has neither the international credibility nor the moral authority to assume it’s presidency,” the U.S. Ambassador to the CD, Robert Wood, said in response to queries. “We are examining how we will deal with the issue of Syria’s presidency.” Although the handing over of the gavel at the CD is a routine matter – the chair rotates alphabetically among the body’s 65 member-states – the notion of the Assad regime presiding over a body dedicated to WMD disarmament has prompted calls for Western democracies to boycott the session. “Having the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad preside over global chemical and nuclear weapons disarmament will be like putting a serial rapist in charge of a women’s shelter,” said United Nations Watch executive director Hillel Neuer . . .”

Okay, maybe this is an example of a “special kind of stupid.” Yes, Syria sits on a Conference on Disarmament, first and foremost. The fact that Syria is set to chair, due to routine rotation, is beyond unconscionable, it is truly offensive. I agree with Mr. Hillel Neuer’s metaphorical comparison —  of course I can expect to be denigrated by the PC crowd. Who in the world would believe that Syria is capable of presiding over a global chemical and nuclear weapons disarmament committee? This is what drives me nuts — and I am sure you, as well — about folks who believe the United Nations is a viable organization.

The US, American taxpayers, fund nearly 25% of the UN operating budget. Honestly, what is the return on investment (ROI) for the American taxpayer when it comes to the UN? Click To Tweet

We have read the stories about certain countries being members of, or even chairing, committees on human rights when they are major violators. Consider that the UN Security Council has permanent members such as Russia and China, and nothing can pass in the Security Council without unanimous vote. In other words, Russia and China can veto any common sense condemnation just to spite the United States, and the rules based international order. We all know that 95%+ of UN actions, sanctions and resolutions, are aimed towards the State of Israel. Most recently, the UN Secretary-General and the Security Council found fault with Israel in defending their sovereign border . . . not with a declared Islamic terrorist group, Hamas, who was instigating the attacks.

Yes, I am one of those folks who admit that the United Nations — just as the League of Nations — has run its course. It is no longer a necessary organization. It is a body politic that is based upon a certain ideological belief, agenda, and philosophy of governance. I will never consent to a belief that Western classical liberal democracies are equal to leftist progressive socialist and totalitarian states. There are very different and utterly competing interests, principles, and they cannot be reconciled by an organization run by collectivist progressive socialists.

The United States of America, the American taxpayer funds nearly 25% of the UN operating budget, and we know how lucrative the real estate in NYC is. Ask yourself, all of you, honestly, what is the return on investment (ROI) for the American taxpayer when it comes to the United Nations? And please, do not give me some weak, patronizing ramblings about climate change and human rights. If one “citizen of the world,” Barack Obama, were to become the UN Secretary-General, you can just imagine the goofy leftist socialist agenda he would try to globally implement.

I have no issue with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). This is a focused alliance, a coalition of the willing, a gathering of liberty and freedom loving Nations with a common political system. Yep, glad that they are now paying their “fair share.” We need to reexamine global alliances, because only a person stuck on stupid would think it a great idea to have Syria heading up a committee on WMD disarmament.

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