Allen West Old School Patriot Brett Kavanaugh

Understanding the Kavanaugh Allegation

In Supreme Court, US Constitution by Allen West

If there are any of you who don’t recognize the complete political nature of this allegation against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, you are truly stuck on stupid. Here we have allegations from 36 years ago, when Judge Kavanaugh was in high school, that were anonymously provided to Senator Feinstein this summer. Yet, when Senator Feinstein met privately with Judge Kavanaugh, these allegations — specifically, this letter — wasn’t mentioned. Judge Kavanaugh has gone through six FBI background checks, this never surfaced. The accuser said she wanted to remain anonymous, yet she hired a lawyer, and took a polygraph test — which cannot be admitted into a court of law, back in August.

During the Senate confirmation hearing with Judge Kavanaugh — over 30 hours — there was nothing mentioned about this anonymous letter. Now, all of a sudden, less than a week before the Senate Judiciary Committee vote . . . boom. Let’s remind ourselves that the Senate Democrats went into this whole episode saying that they were not going to vote for Judge Kavanaugh anyway. Remember, the evening of President Trump’s announcement, the progressive socialist left had signs that were basically a “fill in the blank.” It freaking did not matter who President Trump nominated, the left was going to say no. I think they just do not understand the whole Constitution thing: the President has the enumerated power to nominate individuals for the Supreme Court. The Senate is charged to “advise and consent,” not “attack and condemn.”

There are folks saying how brave this accuser is. Brave would have been saying all of this 36 years ago. Her political background does not bode well for anyone to believe her motivations are anything other than political. Her associations, as well as previous legal cases before Judge Kavanaugh’s mother, leads one to believe there is a revenge motive. There are inconsistencies in the therapy report, four or two, and it has all boiled down to she said, he suffers.

The progressive, socialist, left believes they have an “a-ha” moment, and are castigating Brett Kavanaugh as a rapist. They say that the accuser has to be believed . . . so why were Bill Clinton’s accusers never to be believed? Why was it that a sitting President could sexually abuse a young female intern, and she was not believed? The accuser of Rep. Keith Ellison is not believed. Anthony Weiner told us his cell phone had been hacked. Ted Kennedy murdered a woman, yet he was the “Lion of the Senate.”

The left has made a political calculation where they believe they have outmaneuvered the GOP. Their intent, realizing that they cannot stop Judge Kavanaugh from being seated as a Supreme Court Justice, is to shame, defame, smear, and tarnish the reputation of a good man. They have done this before, and his name is Clarence Thomas. They failed. However, with the help of Ted Kennedy, they were successful with Robert Bork. The Democrat [Socialist] party believes this will endear them to the female constituency in the coming midterm elections. They believe that their red state Senate Democrats now have cover to vote no, and still win their Senate seats back. They are wrong.

What the common, rational, logical American man and woman see in this charade, and theater of the absurd, is that the progressive, socialist, left will go to any length to destroy a person. The tactics of Saul Alinsky are on display, and the American left’s deranged state of mind is disgusting. We all saw the histrionics, antics, and appalling disruptions of the Senate Democrats, aided by their staged protesters — 243 arrests at a SCOTUS confirmation hearing. How many arrests were there for the confirmation hearings of Sonia Sotomayor, or Elena Kagan? The left believes that their end justify their means, and they do not care about the utter despicable manner by which those means are presented.

I ask, is this abject level of dishonor, lack of integrity, and absence of character what we want in power in our America? As if the previous eight years of the Obama administration was not instructive enough.

My warning to the Senate Republicans: if you cower, succumb, surrender, and cave to this most abhorrent behavior, you will suffer the consequences. Somehow, some way, the GOP needs to find their big boy pants, and stop being bullied by these leftist thugs masquerading as US Senators, who’ve already said they are not voting for Judge Kavanaugh. I would not have allowed a public hearing, giving the Senate Democrats a public forum. Then again, the leftists will find a way to completely embarrass themselves. How many times will Brett Kavanaugh have to say, “Excuse me Senator, this never happened, so why are you asking me questions about something that never happened?”

Now we have the added element of the Senate Judiciary Committee Chair, Chuck Grassley, inviting this accuser to have her day in court, as she requested. Interestingly, now, the accuser, Dr. Ford, has made a different request, and has stated she will only testify under oath after an FBI investigation. However, there are protocols in place, and an FBI investigation is not what situations such as these dictate.

We do not need any “full” investigation. The truth? You report incidences such as this immediately, not 36 years later as part of a political opportunity. I can guarantee you that my two daughters would have told me about this in real time, and action would have been taken. The Senate Democrats are trying to stall this process, and grind Judge Kavanaugh to his knees. Just think about his own family, the same family that had to be escorted from the Senate chamber due to the intimidating antics of the left.

Nothing about this makes any sense, except for one thing: the insanity and tyranny of the progressive, socialist, left is on full display. The hypocrisy of the left is so very obvious. I want to believe that women in America will see this as it is, unless you are indeed a partisan political hack. You know, what ever happened to all those women who accused Alabama Judge Roy Moore of inappropriate behavior? Yep, nothing since he lost.

Remember it was Senate Democrat Harry Reid who stood on the Senate floor and said Mitt Romney didn’t pay his taxes. It was a typical leftist smear allegation, and it was not true. When asked about it, after the election, Reid simply responded with, “he lost didn’t he?”

The common American man, and woman, see this for what it is. Thanks to the Democrat [Socialist] party, because their depraved actions have just driven folks out to the polls to vote against them.