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Universal Healthcare Has Not Worked, Will Not Work

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I suppose there is a part of me that should feel sorry for the progressive socialist left in America. After all, to have that much hatred, and to be so stuck on stupid, well, it’s enough to make one have pity. Nah. However, I actually do, to borrow a famous line, “pity the fool,” that embraces policies so pathetic that they are unable to intellectually, and honestly, debate them in open forum. Hence the reason the left always speaks before their delusional crowds, and run to “safe spaces” when challenged. When things really do not go their way, well, we saw what happens this past weekend.

Now, one of those really goofy ideas leftists keep harping upon is this Medicaid for all, or universal healthcare . . . kinda like universal basic income. What is boils down to is a government-run program, that will not be run very well. When it comes to your personal healthcare, let’s be honest, how many of you think the government does a bang up job running the VA healthcare system? Yes, that’s what I thought.

But, ya gotta give it to ol’ Bernie Sanders, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who make getting something “free” sound so very good. Ask yourselves: would you trust a used car salesman who told you they would give you a car for free? You know doggone well that there will be something wrong with that vehicle, and to call it a lemon would be disrespectful to lemons.

As we draw within a month of this critical midterm election cycle, you will hear lots of Mobocrats talking about “free” healthcare, that healthcare is a right, universal healthcare, and single payer healthcare. Think Medicaid for all sounds lovely? Think again.

What they are proposing is to put everyone, and yes, that means you, on a government-run healthcare program that was meant for folks at or below the poverty level. Hmm, I guess the intent of the progressive socialist left in America is to run us all into poverty — Barry Soetoro sure did a good job of increasing the amount of Americans that were in poverty, and subsequently on food stamp rolls. Yes, I figured that was not for you, the “not stuck on stupid” crowd.

And, trust me, the leftists make talk a good game about everyone being on some Medicaid for all program . . . but they will not be. That’s how it always works in a socialist society, the elites are taken care of . . . ya think the Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro is eating from a dumpster?

Now, we have a great case study in modern-day socialist stupidity in Venezuela, but in keeping with our title, here is another. As reported by Forbes:

“The United Kingdom’s National Health Service, which celebrated its 70th anniversary on July 5, is imploding. Vacancies for doctor and nurse positions have reached all-time highs. Patients are facing interminable waits for care as a result. This August, a record number of Britons languished more than 12 hours in emergency rooms.

In July, the share of cancer patients who waited more than two months to receive treatment soared. Yet enthusiasm for government-run, single-payer health care continues to build in the United States. The latest Reuters/Ipsos poll shows that 70 percent of Americans now support Medicare for All. Virtually all the major candidates for the Democratic nomination for president in 2020 have come out in favor of banning private insurance coverage and implementing a single-payer system instead.

One look across the Atlantic, to the disaster unfolding in the United Kingdom’s government-run healthcare system, ought to curb that enthusiasm. The NHS has struggled to fully staff its hospitals and clinics since its inception in 1948. But today, the shortages are growing worse. Nine percent of physician posts are vacant. That’s a shortfall of nearly 11,500 doctors.

The NHS is also short 42,000 nurses. In the second quarter alone, nurse vacancies increased by 17 percent. Meanwhile, in the United States, nearly all states will have a surplus of nurses by 2030. It’s unsurprising that people don’t want to work as nurses in Great Britain; it’s a stressful job, with long hours and terrible working conditions. Some NHS nurses are taking positions at supermarkets because stacking shelves comes with better hours, benefits, and pay, according to a report in the London Economic.”

For some odd reason, these Mobocrats do not want to divulge this truth. And if they want to have Medicare for all, well, what happens to Seniors if all of a sudden EVERYONE is in the same government-run healthcare system. Will the quality of care still exist for our Seniors? Of course not, because Obamacare has this thing called the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), they make all the care pricing decisions, yes, a group of unelected bureaucrats. Never forget the fate of to little British babies, Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans, both of whom their parents were denied the ability to seek any outside treatments for their sons…and that is what ol’ Feel da Bern wants for you.

The Forbes article continues:

“The shortage of providers has resulted in longer wait times for patients. In May, 4.3 million people in the United Kingdom were on waiting lists for surgery, a 10-year high. Adjusting for population, that would be like having everyone in the state of Florida on waiting lists. Roughly 3,500 British patients have been on hospital waiting lists for more than a year.

More than one in five British cancer patients waits longer than two months to begin treatment after receiving a referral from a general practitioner. In Scotland, fewer than 80 percent of patients receive needed diagnostic tests — endoscopies, MRIs, CT, scans and the like — within three months.

These delays are deadly. An analysis that covered just half of England’s hospitals found that almost 30,000 patients died in the past year while waiting for treatment — an increase of 57 percent compared to 2013.

In some cases, the NHS has refused to provide treatment at all. In June, NHS England said that it would discontinue coverage of 17 procedures, including tonsillectomies and knee arthroscopies for osteoarthritis patients.

Even when patients receive treatment, the quality of care is poor. Patients in British hospitals are four times more likely to die than in U.S. hospitals, according to an analysis of outcomes from 2,000 similar surgeries conducted by researchers from University College London and Columbia University in New York. Among the more severely ill patients, the disparity was worse; the sickest Brits were seven times more likely to die.”

Hmm, sounds familiar, like the stories we heard about some VA hospitals during the Obama administration, maybe? Ever wonder why ol’ Barack was not too keen on criticizing the VA, or providing better options to our veterans? It’s simple: because the VA is a single payer healthcare system, and there is no way that rascal was going to say anything negative about it.

Look, this is very personal in the West family. It’s not just that our oldest daughter, Aubrey, is doing her clinical rotations in Physician Assistant school . . . she did magnificently in her didactic year studies. But, it’s also because Angela and I have had serious medical issues in the past three years. She suffered a brain aneurysm, which was miraculously found and treated — and I mean immediately. I was diagnosed with sick sinus syndrome, and had to have a pacemaker implanted. Just imagine, if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez got her way, and our healthcare system resembled the UK’s NHS. Chances are I would not be writing this missive, and Angela might not be with us, either.

So, no, I do not want any single-payer healthcare system in America. Obamacare did not solve anything. It was a shell game of wealth redistribution, and caused insurance premiums to skyrocket, because it forcibly mandated folks, under penalty of taxation, to purchase a commodity that did not meet their needs. I find it so very interesting that the only choice the left loves, is the one to kill our unborn children. Everything else they want to mandate.

There are free-market solutions for our healthcare issues in America.  And if we eliminated the fraud, waste, and abuse in our Medicaid and Medicare systems they would work a lot better . . . not to mention withholding it from those here illegally.

Maybe, just maybe, some of you will read this missive a few times, and share it with others. The truth about the progressive socialists is ugly, and they are masters of deception. They can make hell sound good . . . and that is exactly what you will get if you elect them to a position of power in America.