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#VAFail: We Still Have Critical Issues with the VA

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I know we just had the confirmation of a new VA Secretary, and that is a good thing. Last night in Tampa, President Trump touted the VA Choice program, and the new standard for firing abhorrent VA employees. However, we still have more work to do with our VA system.

I came across a little tidbit from Concerned Veterans for America that just looked at a few points of concern from this past month of July.

“Many people use July to take a family vacation, but the Department of Veterans Affairs hasn’t taken the month off from failing veterans.From Colorado to North Carolina, VA mismanagement and misconduct is rampant. Here are July’s top five #VAFail(s) from around the country.

A VA doctor in North Carolina reportedly admitted he’d been drinking before showing up for work. He retired before the VA could follow through with firing him, so his benefits remained intact.

Whistleblowers in Denver claim employees at the local Office of Inspector General have nothing to do and have hardly worked for an entire year. Employees allegedly watched movies, read or otherwise wasted time at work because of the lack of anything to do. The collective salaries of the office’s employees during that time was $1.2 million.

Illinois veteran Bob Hart received a $30,000 bill for care that should be covered through the Veterans Choice Program. The VA hadn’t paid the private hospital for Hart’s treatment, and Hart was told the money would come out of his bank account if he didn’t pay the bill.

After the DoD, the VA is our largest and highest budgeted government agency. Our veterans deserve the best, but they are still not getting it. Click To Tweet

A Florida VA hospital is under investigation for possibly covering up canceled radiology tests. The Tampa Bay Times reported “one of the plaintiffs said in a deposition that she reached out to a patient whose ultrasound test was overdue and learned that the patient had died. She did not know the cause of death.”

The VA is behind schedule implementing changes to the Forever GI Bill, which was updated by Congress over a year ago. Some student veterans will have trouble with their housing stipends because of the VA’s slow progress.
And in case you’d like an update on an old #VAFail, the Aurora Colorado VA hospital is finally done. It was only five years late and $1 billion overbudget.”

If you have a #VAFail story, please share it with us here in the comments, or send it into Concerned Veterans for America. We have to end the abuses and lack of efficiency in caring for our veterans. I do credit President Trump for doing his best to right the ship, but we still have more work to do. There is no way we should ever believe that the progressive socialist left will care anything about our veterans. After all, the VA system is their example of government-run healthcare, no wonder we have veterans dying waiting for appointments and medical treatments. After the DoD, the VA is our largest and highest budgeted government agency. Our veterans deserve the best, but they are still not getting it.

What chaps my buttocks even more, the left is more concerned with criminal illegal immigrants than our veterans — that is not debatable. I have yet to see a leftist protest or rally for our veterans, have y’all? But, they can certainly rally and shout against our police and Law Enforcement officers, “Abolish ICE” (many of whom are veterans). That tells me all I need to know about the left, and why the Democrats should never be the majority in our House of Representatives. Imagine a progressive socialist being the Chairman of the House Veterans Committee?

We all have a responsibility to report the failures of the VA. You can share your story here, in the comments below, or at #VAFail.

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