Veterans: Oath Over Party

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No one single group should engage in monolithic groupthink . . . Oops, that is what we constitutional conservatives do believe. Of course, our dear, progressive, socialist friends have a different opinion . . .  just ask Kanye West.

Back in 2011, I started a congressional leadership political action committee (PAC) called the Guardian Fund. Its intended purpose was to recruit and support more minority and military conservatives to attain federal elected office. Over the years it has been quite successful. So much so — as they say, imitation is the highest form of flattery — that the progressive socialist left has embarked upon the exact same model: recruiting and supporting military veterans to run for office.

Massachusetts Democrat Congressional representative, Seth Moulton, a former US Marine, has started, rather successfully, his own PAC called the “Serve America Victory Fund.” Hmm, I started the Guardian Fund based upon the premise that all veterans are Guardians of this Republic. But, how exactly does Rep. Moulton believe that the far leftist associations of the current Democrat party are aligned with “serving” America? Heck, the progressive socialist left has spawned the violent street mob called Antifa, who recently shouted, “no borders, no walls, no USA at all.” Or consider the mob that stormed the US Supreme Court banging on its doors and climbing upon its statues. Well, I am confused as to how that “serves” America.

Thus, it is clear that not all veterans think the same. But, may I ask a simple question? Is there a little conflict of conscience for those who have taken the same oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, against all enemies foreign, and domestic, and bear true faith and allegiance to the same, so help me God,” now running under the banner of a political party that has openly embraced a political philosophy, and ideological agenda positions, which are antithetical to the fundamental principles of our Constitutional Republic?

Good question, ya think? Consider that it was just two years ago at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, of all places, that a Medal of Honor recipient was booed as he stood on stage. Four years earlier, at the DNC gathering in Charlotte NC, they booed God, ya know, the Creator, from whom our unalienable rights are endowed.

No, I do not expect all veterans to think alike. But, to characterize a political action committee, a fund, as the Serve America Victory Fund that seeks to establish Hillary Clinton’s definition of civility . . . tyranny, totalitarianism, seems rather hypocritical. I suppose Rep. Moulton is looking forward to having Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as a colleague in the US House of Representatives? Yep, together, they can certainly “serve” America, right?

I believe that we have a freedom of conscience, and a free will to decide what we believe in, and to freely express it, and speak of it. However, how can a veteran associate with a political party that does not embrace the most fundamental of our individual rights enshrined in our Constitution — that exceptional document they swore to support and defend? I mean seriously, running under the Democrat party banner, a party that has openly welcomed repealing the Second Amendment, embraces the ideals of wealth redistribution and nationalizing of economic production . . . did I mention a philosophical conflict of conscience?

This is not the first time the left has embarked upon running military veterans. The last time they conducted a full effort was back in 2006. They needed veterans to denounce President George W. Bush and the Iraq War. They did and were successful in taking the US House of Representatives.

Today, most of those Democrat veterans are gone, no longer serving in Congress, they fulfilled their duty. Remember Jim Webb? Yes, a decorated US Marine Corps officer from Vietnam and former Secretary of the Navy who tried to run for President as a Democrat — crashed and burned. Why? It’s simple: the current base of the Democrat party is anti-military. They despise the “toxic masculinity” of our military. In the years when Barry Soetoro decimated our military capability and capacity and implemented a wildly far-left social agenda into our Armed Forces . . . is that what Rep. Seth Moulton calls “serving” America?

Now, with all this being said, the Serve America Victory Fund has been incredibly successful in this election cycle. Sadly, I must report that the GOP has no dedicated effort to recruit, train, and support military veterans for office. Certainly, nothing like we see from the progressive socialist left.

These numbers prove so. As reported by

The Serve America Victory Fund at last report 30 September 2018 had $4,152,489 in receipts and had spent $4,137,836.

In comparison, the Guardian Fund has total receipts of $615,400. Why does the left complain about campaign financing?

Here is the list of the veterans being supported by Rep. Seth Moulton’s Serve America Victory Fund, courtesy of

Allen West Old School Patriots Open Secret veteran's PACIn no uncertain terms do I question the service, sacrifice, and commitment of these veterans of our Armed Services. I do, however, question whether or not they agree with the mob actions of the progressive socialist left? How about open borders, abolishing ICE, weakening our military and a feckless foreign policy? Do they believe in the free market enterprise system that has made America and economically exceptional leader in the world . . . or the economic principles of Karl Marx, along with the premise of class confrontation?

Yes, I know, we hear them all saying that they will not support Nancy Pelosi as Speaker . . . guess what will happen when they are elected, if they are elected?

They will be told to sit down, shut up, and if you do not support me, I will destroy you. Trust me, I was there and know exactly how the game is played up there when you are a freshman member of Congress.

The Save America Victory Fund is a lovely name, but in practice, it has nothing to do with saving our Constitutional Republic. I would simply ask each and every one of these veterans if they truly believe today’s Democrat party aligns itself with the oath of service taken as a member of our Armed Services? If they were to answer “yes,” then they are indeed lying and have lost any and all integrity. If they were honest and responded with a “no” then my follow up would be simply to ask, then why run under their banner?

If any of these veterans are running to be your Congressional Representative, I challenge you to ask them these questions, since I cannot be there to do so. But, you can bet that this missive will somehow reach the attention of Rep. Moulton . . . who, it seems to me, has forgotten the oath he took.

For those of you who would question my commitment and the oath I took, remember, it was the Republicans in supermajority power in the state of Florida who redistricted me out. Why?

Because, I took an oath to the Constitution, not a political party.

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