Governor Rick Scott of Florida in article by Allen West on the Old School Patriot regarding voter fraud in FL

Voter Fraud in Florida

In Elections, Front Page, US Politics by Allen West

First of all, I am humbled by all the mentions on social media, as this situation plays out in Florida. Many of you remember what happened to me, in my Congressional race, in 2012, and I am deeply appreciative of your remembrance and support.

Allegations of voter fraud and election irregularities in South Florida? Nothing new there, as I know all about it — from St. Lucie to Palm Beach to Broward counties.

Supervisors of election Gertrude Walker, Susan Bucher, and Brenda Snipes. Six years ago this election fraud was exposed in my congressional reelection, and the proof was provided.

The Democrats operate in what is called the “margin of cheating,” and, once again, they have enacted their playbook in South Florida, and, it seems, Arizona, as well.

Governor Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi did nothing six years ago when they could have squashed this abhorrent behavior and election fraud. Perhaps if some action had been taken by Governor Rick Scott, the aforementioned supervisors of the election would not be in position, possibly they would be in jail. There was no investigation, no action, and therefore, no consequences for the issues that Rick Scott is now facing.

Some would call this poetic justice.